Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

This is my family room's right-hand corner. I keep a lot of our special gifts over the years for me, the hub and the boys here.

This little spot has little items that my bubba Jim has given me for my birthday and Christmas. He bought me the Tiffany tape measurer (he says Jackie O. had one just like it! hehe) a long time ago for a birthday. He says everyone should have a tape measurer on their person just in case they eye that perfect piece to bring home to make sure it will fit. How decadent! I didn't carry it very long before the baby kid got a hold of it and pulled the metal measurer out of the case. I was never able to get it back in, of course, so here it sits, just looking pretty and decadent! Jim normally finds all kinds of antique cat motif items such as the tiny bracelet, the tiny frame and this lovely little powder compact. Just look at the sweet powder pufff! The larger Dupont lighter was given to the hub from Raphael in France (for no reason at all) and the little lighter was mine when I was a smoker--many many years ago!! The cigar case was given to the hub from Jim's wife, Ellen, for a Christmas present.

Then there are the boys' things. Both Tiffany rattles were given to the boys by my brother Jim. (I told you he was the Tiffany shopper!) The three-ring rattle was given to the teenager when he was born and the dumbbell was given to the kid for his Christening. The silver frame with the boys' pictures is another present from Ellen, my sister-in-law. I don't remember where the frame with our wedding picture came from--ooops. The cut crystal Tiffany box was given to me as an engagement gift from the office where both me and the hub worked. The Tiffany heart was a wedding gift from the PR company in NYC that we used for various campaigns. Inside is the hub's corsage from the wedding--which was maulled and eaten by one of our cats, thus put in a box with a lid!--and a red rose from his 40th birthday cake. The two porcelain Christmas ornaments were the boys' firsts. The rocking horse belongs to the teenager and the round one is the kid's. The little vintage angels were bought at Skeeter Davis' estate sale here in Nashville a couple of years ago. I fell in love with them. She was a big angel freak, like me. In the crystal Tiffany bowl (a wedding present from Jim) are flowers from various funerals of loved ones. The sunflower is from Tony's, who is the kids' Godfather, a rose from my Aunt Mary's (my mom's sister) and a rose from my father's, along with some various rosaries.

On the top shelf are some wreaths I made from some ivy from my father's funeral and a miniature cowboy boot. He was known for his unique boots that he would get each visit back to Texas and, of course, his jaunts over to Mexico. Yes, he was known to bring illegal-hide boots over the border and was caught more than once--ha. He was quite the character--Texan through and through. As they say, "God broke the mold after that one!" I do miss some of those antics. This was his watch. I have no story behind it. I don't know if he bought it or if it was passed on to him by his father. Not a clue.

Oh yea, and the little gold frame under the lamp has some pressed little spring flowers from our first house in Falls Church, VA. I was pregnant with the teenager when I picked these.

Ok boys, now you know where these items are from and a little trivia for you to carry on to your kids, and so on, and so on.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I've enjoyed seeing these beautiful things that hold special memories for you. My special things are the ones that do that for me as well.
You've displayed everything in such a lovely way...and I love that stepladder!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love this peaceful looking corner full of good memories!
When it comes to keeping little objects linked to events/people, I'm also like you. I am capable of keeping things just because of their sentimental value...

Janet said...

What a nice collection of memories. And displayed in such an interesting way. I especially liked the boots part! My grandpa always had custom made boots and he liked them fancy!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Oh Rosa, such beautiful mementos, and even more precious memories!

PEA said...

What a beautiful corner that holds so many treasures...loved reading the story behind each item!!

Motherkitty said...

My cats would say, thank you, Rosa, for putting the ladder conveniently there in the corner so we could use it to climb all over your lovely shelves. (You know how cats love to climb up to high places.)

What a wonderful collection of artifacts and mementos. I love the way you have displayed them. I think you must be very careful when dusting, though, and I hope you've already read all those books. If not, you will have to move a lot of little treasures out of the way just to remove a particular book.

Lovely collection. Thanks for sharing. I've visited your site several times, but haven't left many comments. You are a very creative person.

Ellen said...

I spent a week at my mother's cleaning out the attic and then I videoed her doing her whole history thingie for us and it ends sorta the same way you did talking to your boys! But I gave my mom a hard time for not having everything polished and dust free. I'm going to send her copies of your stuff and rib her again about *see* how good it looks if sparkly clean LOL
Love your collection!
What's in the wood boxes on the bottom shelves? dueling pistols? knife throwing sets? chess? music boxes?

Shell said...

I love your collection. I tend to pitch things after awhile. Or I pack them in boxes that only get opened and inspected when I clean the garage. But yours looks so great! Tell me I'm a bad girl! LOL


Linda said...

Great collection. My main collection is photos of my children and grandchildren. At one time I collected picture frames but I've run out of room.

kansasrose said...

I love your little keepsakes! Great the way you have them all displayed and you can enjoy them out in the open. My little treasures are cramed into an old oak china cabinet and the door won't close! I have them stashed all over the house...the wierdest being stuffed in a large old German bean pot in my pantry...yuk!

John Ivey said...

That pocket watch was one that Dad bought. He had a thing for pocket watches. For one thing, they went well with a three-piece suit. The vest had a pocket watch that Dad would exploit with fancy gold pocket watches and watch fobs. He had one fob that was a tiny pistol that would actually shoot blanks. Dad was quite the dresser with his three-piece suits, cowboy boots, and Stetson hat. He also had that thousand dollar diamond pinky ring. I miss him terribly sometimes, and then sometimes I just reminisce about the good times we had together. I loved the old man more than words can never tell, and I think the feeling was mutual.



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