Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Hot Autumn Sunday

The only way you can tell it's fall around here is the absence of humidity and the brilliance of the sun. Although it's nice and cool in the early morning hours and late in the evening, by mid day it's still in the mid 80s. I always enjoy the intensity of the sun this time of year and the beautiful shadows cast on everything. This is an old tree in Nashville. You can tell he had a long dry summer by its scantly filled limbs. I bet he's ready to honker down for the winter and take a little break.

This weekend was the TACA show at Centennial Park (go here for last year's spring show or here to see what goodies were found last spring). I guess I missed this spring. This year is just buzzing by at an amazing speed. I was going to go yesterday, as it was going to be a little cooler; but the AGA was being delivered. You know I had to stay home for that. {Footnote off the track: I heated up the stoves last night to burn off the "factory" smell. Then, I noticed a little piece of the enamel has chipped off the skinny door. I am going to have to bring this up with them on Monday.) Ok, back to TACA.

I always enjoy this show because there are always new tents to visit. Of course, there are several of my favorites that I look for. My game plan is to walk about the entire show and then make my way back to my favs. I think this year, I was in my "kitchen" mode. Of course, all the potters had lovely items; but I'm always looking for that off-the-wall stuff. My favorite potter was not there but I found one that was just as whimsical. I somehow missed them last fall; I don't know how. Batton Clayworks was one of my first stops once I came back around. They had gorgeous tea pots; and it was hard to decide which design to get. After walking around for another hour and coming back, I knew it was the big black ball one. I also got one of her charming houses and a little thumb-print of a jar. I love the colors of the glaze. I have so many cubbies in the new kitchen, this set may have to fill one of the smaller ones or sit out on my counter. Love them.

There were several block printers that used linoleum. I so remember cutting linoleum in art class. Our assignment, unfortunately, was on marine life. I chose a dolphin out of easiness, I suppose. Perhaps it's a piece for Riverside. Wish I still had the block and not the ugly print. I did black ink on blue paper. How boring is that? Anyhoo, these guys were just a tad better than my attempts at it. Kreg Yingst's booth was amazing, chock full of musical artist prints. The booth was always tightly filled with people so I took several roundabouts until it was almost empty to make my way in. He had some prints that were unframed. Of course, sigh, I had to get a Bob Dylan one. That goes without saying. I was amazed to find a print of Frank Zappa. Being raised on the guy by my brothers and seeing the man in concert over a dozen times, this was a no brainer. Had to have it. (There's a great article in the Financial Times this weekend on Zappa. Seems Dweezil is touring doing his father's music. There's even a show in DC at the Warner. I've passed the info on to my brothers. Wish he was playing Nashville. Sounds like another awesome show.) I will put these up in my hallway with my Hatch Show Prints and my new Dylan show print. Guess it's my rock-n-roll hall of fame. grin. In my excitement and with the crowds in his booth, I didn't even notice that this artist is out of Pensacola--just a stone's throw from Riverside. Too cool.

There were other new faces that I need to look into. LALA dex press is one. After looking her up on the internet, I find Shona has an Etsy site here. Not only that, but she has a blog. How cool is that? I must go and visit. I loved her cards and wanted to find out more about here. Unfortunately, she was busy when I passed by and I never did make it back. Tsk. You can be sure that I'm going to take a moment and visit her sites and get some of her gorgeous hand-printed cards at some point. I believe I had pulled a little blurb about her from the last Nashville Lifestyles magazine or some such periodical. In my usual unorganized fashion, I have no idea where that little piece of paper went. So, it's a good thing I found her at the show. It is just meant to be.

This was another newbie, at least to me. The Doll Makers had all kinds of wonderfully whimsical dolls. I picked up a few little ones for gifts. They almost had the recipient's names on them, so I couldn't resist. I know some of you make these. Not being the best with needle and thread, I think I'll leave it up to you all.

One of my favorite local artists was there to my delight. I have several of her prints and I added one today. I adore her images of cats. The little pink one to the left is my latest addition. It so reminded me of Miss Bev, I had to add it to my wall. These are in our laundry room above the cats' food bowls. Emily is indeed another cat lover and we chatted today about several of our babies. As I was photographing these, I heard the tiniest of voices meowing. It was Dave in the clothes basket. He has the tenderest little cry. So much for clean towels.

Ok, I'm off to sit on the porch and enjoy the evening with the hub and kid. The teenager is off at work. The hub leaves tomorrow for countries east of us, first stop being London. Whaaaaa. It's killing me. I'm hoping to jump on board next time, perhaps. Fingers' crossed.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Rosa, thank you so much + I wish I could have said hello + met you, but i appreciate you saying such nice things about me on your blog. You also featured my absolute favorite vendor this show- Kreg Yingst- I spent a bit of time chatting with him + his work is out of this world crazy good. And Emily too- a good craft show friend.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Love that doll! nd Rosa, your kitchen is coming together! Can`t wait to see it when it`s done. It`s going to be beautiful.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I was hoping that you'd picked that black tea pot. It's wonderful! I remember this show from last year, when you posted about it. It's a good one, and filled with high quality artwork. We have a couple of those here too, but I haven't attended in years. The crowds have become so big, that I can't breathe, or get anywhere near some of the booths. A lot of people have moved here in the last few years. It's taken a lot of fun away from going to a lot of events, that I used to enjoy very much.
Love the block prints. My friend Liisa is good at making those too.
It all looks terrific, and perfect for your lovely home!
Best wishes to you!

T*mmy said...

Our weather has been much the same as yours.

I love the teapot...just too cute!

I hope you have a great day today!

Beth said...

Wow,,looks like you had a fun sunday. I saw that the craft show was going on at the park but didn't get to go.
They are having a neat one out where I live this sunday and if it isn't raining I may have to go to it. Your kitchen is looking smashingly awesome. I wrote you today to see about meeting tomorrow afternoon. Hope we can!!!



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