Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Girl is Crafty --Beastie Boys

Halloween ATCs for Upcoming Swap

I'm feeling crafty/artsy today. Think I will head up to my big ol' desk and start working on something. Who knows what will come of it. Today is the first day of fall--yay--so I'm already motivated. It doesn't have to be cool outside. Just the word Autumn moves me to work. I'm not much of a spring cleaner, but come fall, watch out. Since I've finished my closets, I guess I'll put my motivation elsewhere. (NO more closets, thank you very much--not now, anyway.)

I have two frames I want to distress. I had purchased a lovely piece from Corey, framed it (here), loved it; but then I bought another that matched (here). (Aren't they sweet?) Of course, there wasn't another frame like the old one so I bought two wooden ones that I will work on and remount the lovely artwork. I want to put them in my bedroom. Oh, and by the way, Corey has a new book out and is selling signed copies. Go take a peek at her site, above. How fun is that. Congrats Corey!

Well, if I'm going to get anything done, I best get my mess cleaned up from yesterday. I still have all my drills, saws, levels etc. strewn all about in the back hall. The hub comes home sometime today, so I better get my butt in gear! Woohoo.

Almost forgot to put Bella's pic in here. She has a habit of climbing up my leg while I'm typing. She's getting a little too big for that!! OUCH! I'm still her mamma. Awwww.


T*mmy said...

Happy Fall to you and Bella...don't you know dogs think they are human but cats know that they are...

I'm still looking for a home for Clarence, I'm having lots of side effects from this newest med...sigh!

Beth said...

Oh Happy Fall but it sure felt like summer today!!! Love your ATCs, are they for Shelly's swap!
Write me when you can!!!



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