Thursday, September 06, 2007

Crazy Days and Crazy Nights

But sweet mornings. This is the present that was left at my head this morning by Miss Bella (I think). Is she sweet or what? I'm just glad it was a toy and not the real thing. She has yet to step outside into the big world and I'm trying to keep it that way. I'll take the little fake-fur mouse any day over the real thing! Ew. You can stop reading now because basically it's just a rant and rave for my own sanity from here on. Be forewarned.

Of course, after I had a moment of sweet thoughts the doorbell rang and the banging began. Yes, the boys are back. They have been back for two full days worth of work. Yay! Got the sink and plumping done in the rec room (the pit). Please note the missing two drawers. Yep, they gave them to Habitat. Joy. The new folks have two extra drawers that won't fit anything.

I tell you, I discovered the missing drawers last Wednesday. I think Thursday, the entire project hit me like a ton of bricks. I began worrying about their competency. And then when they didn't show up for several days, I really began to worry. They did, however show up on Tuesday afternoon. I chose a small family-run business; and I don't know if that is good or bad. Regardless, the son--who runs the crew--showed up about 1:45 in the afternoon. Not ten minutes later, daddy came in. They began going over the lighting. Son got most of the canned lighting in by that evening. Only thing is, it wasn't what I approved in the final plan. They moved all the canned lights around and even took one out of the equation. Of course, it was the one that "daddy" and I had specifically discussed because it throws light on my china cabinet. Ok, I let it go -- for a day.

Welcome to my nightmare. They came in yesterday and did the plumping mentioned above. Now, you know, I have my eyes wide open and I'm watching everything. Going over the plans as they are working and such. By the end of the day, after they leave, I get my plans out and start looking around. Hmmm, they did plumbing, but there's no water pipe where the pot filler is going over the stove. Make note of that. Hmmm, they have crossed off two electrical outlets on the plan--of course the ones at the ends of the counters where they will be needed most. Hmmm, I'm pretty sure I paid for EACH one, so I wonder why they're crossing this stuff off. Really now, should I have to be doing this? I think not. Do you think I slept last night, all stirred up. Nope.

I tell you what girlfriend, I was ready for them this morning, I kid you not. Guns blaring. I caught No. 2 foreman. He's a good guy and always says, "We will make it right." I haven't decided if I like the son. Actually, I don't care for him much but I'm trying to keep an open mind. He always makes me feel like he is blowing me off because he knows exactly what he's doing (which can't be further from the truth) whenever I bring something up. Anyhoo, I was glad to get the nice No. 2 man. I told him my concerns over the lighting and he said they would make it right. I asked him about the plumbing for the pot filler and he looked at me like I had a third eye. He began going through his book of plans. Not a thing about the pot filler. Well, of course, I grab the thing and start looking through the almighty book and find where the pot filler had been ordered, paid for and received. Thank you Lord. No. 2 calls daddy, daddy tells No. 2 to have me call him. I do. I tell daddy that we need that extra light--daddy says, "Refresh my memory." Lord have mercy. "Ok, we will do a change order and add a small spot there." Well, I tell you, I'm not paying for any change order! That's the thing. It's certainly OK for THEM to change things and not tell me; but when it comes to me changing something, they would charge me an arm and a leg. Ain't right. I told No. 2 that this morning too. Ok, pot filler. "We will make a change order on that also." Well, honey, that has been in the plan since day one. Don't even come to me for more money. Don't even think about it. That was your mistake. Suck it up. Then on to the crossed off outlets. "Well, let me measure here . . . yes, there should be one here, I guess "Son" was off by 6 inches. He must have thought you were putting a 30 inch stove in." Beautiful. Number 1 Son doesn't have a clue. Just more for me to worry about. Six inches?? OMG!

Here you see Dave exiting the laundry room. Yes, they did cover the floors. Small miracles. And, they have wired for the puck lighting in the upper cabs. My oh my. And this is the new intercom system. Yes, I upgraded to a 6 cd player. Only thing is, one of the buttons doesn't work and it all has to be taken out and replaced. Joy. Shoot me now.

On top of all that during the day, the kid has had these crazy school projects going on--all due tomorrow. Of course, being anal about creativity, I have been elbow deep in those with him. Simple projects turn into hellish projects when the computer and printer aren't playing well together. Shame on them. Grrrr. Poor guy, today he had to get his "hydraulics" installed in his mouth. (The hub calls them pistons--which is really what they look like.) Not bad, really. It doesn't push the jaw out profusely as I had thought it would. Just a gentle nudge. I think the worst is behind him in the ortho department. Let's hope.

Sigh. TGIF. Not soon enough.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Miss Luna brings me those little mice too! She bribes me with them first thing in the morning, when she wants me to get up and let her outside. So funny!
I'm sorry the renovation isn't going smoothly, but it seems like they never do. Just keep a close eye on things, and stick to your guns! 'Course I know I don't have to worry about you when it comes to such things.
I've been wondering how your mom is doing, and about sleep things. Hmmmm?

Peggy said...

Now I know why I have kept putting of my kitchen redo... Oh how I feel for you.

Janet said...

OMG! You must just be going crazy with all that incompetency. Why does renovation always turn into a nightmare? We're thinking about doing some work in our kitchen but I don't want the hassle!

Get lots of good chocolate and indulge! Chocolate makes everything better.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. My son always asks me why I sigh. I tell him it's a reflex. I don't even realize I am doing it. What I read was sighing releases stress. I sigh a lot.

T*mmy said...

Our Clarence has never been outdoors either...he takes his toy mice and such and puts them in his food bowl, sometimes in his water bowl!!

I hope all your home improvements are over for you soon!!

Beth said...

OMG,,what a nightmare,,they sound like Larry, Larry and Daryl from the Newhart show,,lol. You stay on them girlfriend,,show them how Ms. Rosie can get red,,lol.



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