Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another Mission Accomplished

Alright, all the closets are done. Phew. I'm glad that's over with. I kept putting that last one off all week, having to go get more boards cut since I miscalculated. Oy. But, yesterday afternoon, in between getting my new tags for my car, I stopped by the hardware store and finished the task. I drilled the braces in and vwalla! Instant nice closet. Well, it wasn't actually instant, but you know what I mean. Remember what it looked like before all this madness began (left)?

This linen closet is just outside the guest room, so I will fill it with all kinds of yummies. This is all I could reach from the doors since everything is still stuffed in the guest room until they finish the final coat on the hard wood floors. Let me tell you, it is jam packed with kitchen stuff, hall stuff and obviously other stuff.

I'm putting pretty little things in here like the pottery from Provence that I picked up in a little French shop in Geneva the last time we were there. Let me tell you, I hand carried several of these pieces all the way home via a pit stop in Brussels. I wasn't going to let anything happen to my little French angels. They all made it home in one piece. I have the bowl filled with soaps from Miss Diva's line. It will help make the closet smell scrumptious. (I may have to break into some of it--I thought I had used it all up only to find some hidden under the guest bath's sink! Aha!)

Here are some of my hand towels that I picked up in Brussels last year. Brussels has the nicest linen, not just lace. YUM. I have more pieces that I have collected over the years but I need to find it. Lord only knows where it all is at this point. When you travel overseas, Europe especially, all the hotels have the nicest linen towels tucked everywhere. The nicer places even put a little linen towel down by your bed--much like a prayer rug--so it's the last thing your feet touch at night and the first thing they touch in the morning. It is so decadent. I could used to that. Uh huh.

On the kitchen front, we're chugging along. I think the intricate work is finished. They have the electrical and plumbing done, the drywall is mostly finished and put the first coat of paint on yesterday. The color is Sherwin Williams Antique White @ 150%. My cabinets have the Antique White at 100%, so we went a hair darker on the walls. It's a nice gentle color.

I'm told that the cabinets are going to start doing in on Monday and I can't tell you how happy I am about that. The top to the island came in on Wednesday. It's all crated up so I can't see it. This should be what it looks like in jatoba wood.

By Thomas Wood

The hub is coming back tomorrow from Beijing. I'm thinking about skipping London, unfortunately. It's NEXT week, by golly!! I haven't made my mind completely up yet, but that's the way I'm swaying. It's such a crucial time in the kitchen that I'm truly afraid to leave it up to Larry, Curly and Mo, ya know? The "son" has actually come around and tells me what's going on now and turned out to be a decent guy. I thought I would like him eventually. It's normally the way. If there is someone who I really dislike when I first meet them, I almost always end up liking and respecting them. It's strange. I hoped this would be the case with this guy, definitely need him on my side! I will make a decision once the hub gets back and we have a chance to discuss it. I so want to go. Sigh.

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