Thursday, September 13, 2007

One Thing Leads to Another

I've been eyeing all the smudges on the fireplace wall since removing all the stuff that was hanging there when they were getting ready to do the floors. It really started bugging me; and so I thought I would just clean it up a bit. I had these Mr. Clean magic erasers that I had tried out once on the staircase wall and decided I didn't like the outcome. You could actually see where it rubbed the paint off. Well, live and don't learn. I tried it, again; and AGAIN, it left a mess. So, to those who have not yet tried these little devils, never, I repeat NEVER, use them on flat painted walls. Oh sure, they're miracle workers on glossy paint, but it literally darkened the spots I rubbed. Loverly. I thought about it for a couple of days. What the heck, it's just a small wall. Famous last words, right? Of course, I then had to take down those hideous hanging candles that I have been wanting to take down since I first put them up. I never liked them there. And with that, I had to remove the drywall anchors which left big ol' holes in the wall. And so, then came out the spackle. There is no such thing as a small job, is there?

I had painted this wall when we first moved into the house with Martha Stewart's Sage Green (think that was the name, anyway). I then had to paint the wall behind the bookshelves my signature red. I've had that color combo in each of my houses where there were built in bookshelves. Just adore it. When we were building my mom's apartment downstairs, I had the painters come up and put a coat of Sherwin Williams' Ancient Marble in the dining room, the powder room and in the family room. I wish I had them use satin. From now on, no matter what room is getting painted, it will be in a satin. It is so much easier to wipe down; and you can actually use the magic eraser on it. Wow.

I chose my new color, Sherwin Williams' Wool Skein that was an Ancient Marble combo choice on one of their cards. I painted it today. I'm waiting on it to dry and see if I need to put another coat on tomorrow. I love it. Think it tones the room down a tad. I can't wait to get all my stuff back up. (By the way, I have not yet conquered the linen closet. I went to start it yesterday and needed a screw driver to remove all those little clasps that hold that junk up. I went to get one, got sidetracked and never went back. Hehe, I think that is a sign of the first stages of Alzheimer's--or is it just a sign of laziness?)

We got our flowers of the month from my bother. They are so pretty. Since I don't have a kitchen and I'm yearning for one, I put them in an old coffee pot. It leaked. So I brought out the handy Tupperware plate. Pretty touch, don't you think? Also received our fruit of the month--"exotic" nectarines. Yum. Now there's some beautiful colors. Hmmmmm. No no, don't get me started!

I had a craving for some soup and bought all my ingredients early in the week. Did I have a pot to cook it in? Nope. I kept out every kind of pan imaginable and put down at mom's for anything I may want to cook. Everything, that is, except a big ol' soup pot. Well, I happen to know that Marshall's carries my favorite pot and pan maker--Berndes. (Yes, the food-snob brother Jim got me started on these, of course. Both brothers--John and Jim--have bought me a set in Christmases past.) I ran over; and yahoo, they had exactly what I was looking for! I made a chicken and white bean soup. Doesn't it look good enough to eat? I can't wait to--if we could just get the hub home! Unfortunately, the French bread I purchased at the beginning of the week went completely concrete on me. It had to go. Oh well, I think I can scrounge some sandwich bread from mom. I don't think anyone will mind, too much.


PEA said...

Oh yummm that soup looks good!! I learned the hard way about flat paint years ago and never again...I always use satin paint now. Washes so much easier. Love how your fireplace looks you never thought you'd be painting it eh? lol I've just recently had one of those days about one thing leading to another....hehe xoxo

Mrs. Staggs said...

The new paint does look really nice! I love soup almost any time of the year, but I think there is something about autumn that brings it to mind. I've been thinking about making a pot too. Your soup looks like it's going to make everyone very happy, bread or no. I swear that sometimes you can use a loaf of french bread as a baseball bat!

Beth said...

I love the new paint colors,,so pretty! You are such the decorator. And that soup looks so yummy too! Nice for the fall weather we are having.

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

I just love your home......and I love how your projects progress! I love this new color, very soft.
I like that color you did in the closet too, I am going to check that one out in person. I am thinking one wall in my studio. hmmm!
What color schemes are you going to use in your kitchen?
You are almost better than HGTV! heehhee

Flea Market Queen said...'s hot here already & the soup still looks delish to eat right now! Yummy...
Thanks for the visit!

DC said...

That soup - wow! Tell me dear, will you share the recipe?
You have got wanting this! It looks delicious!

Enjoy it!



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