Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mobile, Alabama

(Note Fairhope used to be named Williamsburg)

I wasn't going to blog this weekend and I didn't even bring my computer (I wasn't going to work on the house either--famous last words). But we had a wonderful day in Mobile yesterday and I just had to write it down before I forgot.

From Fairhope, you can take what they call the "Bayway" across Mobile Bay. It's basically a raised road, not quite a tall bridge like I'm used to crossing the Chesapeake Bay up north. It's a pretty drive across the Bay and the marshlands there. You end in Mobile after passing the old USS Alabama battle ship.

We headed down the main street away from the business district and drove through town. The old mansions on this street are amazing. I forgot my camera at home (boo hiss) so I couldn't take any photos. I borrowed all of these from the web. I promise to make another trip there just to get some shots of these houses. They were crazy beautiful. All types of architecture can be found here. Of course, you have the Antebellum homes scattered about--visions of Tara; but I was amazed to see so many Victorians and also craftsman bungalows. As we drove through many of the neighborhoods, it was sad to see a lot of these old homes needed a lot of love and attention. Pout. Oh what I could do to one! hehe. Many of them though wanted me to come home and make my porch pretty again. It's just been too hot to do anything out there in regards to plants or even inhabiting it.

We drove around and really didn't find a whole lot more than the lovely mansions to look at. It's a lot like Nashville. A big city but not a lot for visitors to see and do. We did stop at one antique store, kid in tow, and did a quick radar walk through of the place and found a beautiful old transferware platter for the new kitchen. Oh, and of course, we also found an old peanut shop and ice cream parlour. I can smell 'em out, I tell ya!

It was a fun day and a wonderful thunder storm followed us home to Fairhope. It was delightful. Oh, and after getting lost in Mobile for the umpteenth time--and just about everywhere else we drive--we broke down and bought a portable GPS thingy for the car. We should have had one of these since before time. It is amazing. Although, when we used it, for fun, to track down our restaurant down on the bay last night, and it took us all around the Fairhope neighborhoods rather than the two turns it normally takes us. So, yes, it has it quarks. But, it's always fun to drive through the lovely neighborhoods for any reason, so no worries.

Excuse the typing once more, on the hub's laptop which drives me bezerk. Think the hub and kid are heading to the beach and I'm off to hit the outlets to see what I can find for the new kitchen. "Travel Cat" Bella has settled in once more at her home away from home. I wasn't going to bring her but I thought we better keep her in the travel mode if that's what she will be doing off and on. She did great in the car. It's sad to think we're heading back tomorrow already.


T*mmy said...

My daughter is on her way to Destin Fl as I type...I so wish I was going to the Gulf...I love it so!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing that wonderful day with us! It must have been great...
I love those houses!

PEA said...

Sounds like a wonderful day in Mobile...I would have been gawking at those mansions, oh to be able to live in one of those!!! Tsk tsk tsk for not having your camera with you, though, what kind of blogger are you???? hehe I should get myself one of those GPS thingies, I get turned around so fast when I'm traveling! lol Happy Labour Day dear Rosa! xoxo

Janet said...

Mobile sounds beautiful. I love all those old houses. We have some dear friends who are from there and I've always wanted to visit. One of these days I'll make it.

just said...

I was looking for the recipe you have for chocolate chip banana nut bread and ran across this. I live in Mobile and would be glad to offer suggestions of sights to see... been to Bellingraph Gardens? Oakliegh? both beautiful. I also work for Radio Shack... which GPS did you buy? The Tom Tom brand takes you the easiest was, NOT the shortest. It is for people who can barely follow any instructions. McGellen or Garmin are for more experienced people and do an excellent job in different ways... Please visit Mobile again and let me know if I can help... This really is a wonderful place.



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