Saturday, September 15, 2007

More Busy Work

I finally got back on track with my closets. I now know exactly why I had procrastinated on this tiny little linen closet. Each "screw" and each bracket had to be pried out. After unscrewing and unscrewing to no avail, I finally just took a screwdriver to the screws and literally pulled them out with pliers. Same went with the brackets. Geesh Louise. Glad that little chore is over with. I had been dreading it ever since doing the one shelf in the coat closet.

With that said, I decided last week that I was going another direction with the last of the closets in this back hall. Since it has a secret little space under the stairs (ooooh, yea, where all our gorgeous Hartmann luggage is tossed) and I really want to utilize the closet space in front of it, I decided to go with my Elfa drawers. I had discovered this stuff when we were living in our first little love nest in Falls Church, VA. I had a broom closet that I wanted to turn into a pantry. No better place to go than one of my all-time favorite stores, The Container Store, right down the road. So I've had this little pantry-size drawer system for many years. I decided to add a larger one and put it in this closet right off the kitchen. I'm still not entirely convinced my new pantry system will hold all my junk. And I've decided that I'm going to use the little one for a catch all after losing my little desk that did such a great job at that in the past. I added a little wrapping paper holder to the side of the little one so perhaps I can keep all my wrapping supplies here too. I say that with all my best organization intentions. Let's see how long it lasts. I think with these little mesh drawers, I can keep the awful mesh shelf and rack above, dontchya think? I think.

The house was quiet most of the day as the hub and teenager went to Knoxville this morning to tour the University of Tennessee. I was bored in between coats (I even painted the side walls) so I decided to clean the windows on the French doors I had installed several years ago. They had some film on them that has been driving me crazy (yep, for that long). I finally got down to it--after which I remember that I am having these front floors redone soon. Such a smart cookie I am. I wait for years to clean the glass only to have to do it again once it is covered in sawdust. Oh well, I'll enjoy it until then. There's three more where that came from. Kinda like closets. Can't be just one.


Mrs. Staggs said...

LOL! The closets aren't the only things you've been rearranging! Everytime I visit, there seems to be a new background here too!
I admire all your organizing. It's inspiring me. Now, do you think you could send me some of your energy too?

I think the year you make the decisions about college and all the rest, is one of the most stressful ones kids and parents experience. We've been through it with our son, and numerous neices and nephews too. Good luck to your son. I hope he enjoys this part of his journey. It can be a little scary, and exciting all at the same time!

Artsy said...

Your new closets look great. What wonderful new decorating you've been doing. I loved your house anyway. Good job!

Susie said...

Goodness! You've been so busy getting things all fresh and organized. I'm sure that gives you a great sense of accomplishment!
Everything is looking great!



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