Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Noshing at Noshville in Nashville

[nŏsh--Yiddish nash, from nashn, to eat sweets, nibble on, from Middle High German naschen, to nibble, from Old High German hnascōn.]

There wasn't anything nosh about it--it was a full-blown humongous lunch. One that stays with you for the rest of the day and night. You know the kind. Wishing you had never ate it all in the first place. The one you bring boxes home to eat later. Yep, that's the one.

I took mom in to have her B12 shot. The kid happened to have a day off from school, so we woke him up and brought him with us. Noshville is my favorite deli (if you can even call it that--it has so much more than your ordinary deli). As you can imagine, there are more "Meat & Three's" than deli's here in Nashville. I knew I was going to love the place the first time the hub took me and there were half sours on the table. (PS: The ones I made really didn't turn out. I'll try again one day.) Yum. Nothing better than to eat a big old half sour while waiting for your food. This place is a staple for musicians and the local music executives from Music Row. There is always chatter about this studio or that artist and an occasional "hey" from across the restaurant during a visit. Everyone seems to know everyone else. Frankly, I never know who anyone is. But I always like to think it's so-and-so from some famous group. They all look the part, anyway. It's always fun to eavesdrop on the table next to you and try and figure out who they are. Shhh, don't tell anyone I do that.

I ordered the hot dog and slaw for mom, the kid ordered a hamburger and I decided upon the French dip (or nosh dip as it's called there). Half way through lunch, the hub returned my call. I had called to see if he wanted to join us since he was just up the street. Of course he did. He told me what he wanted, a Reuben; and I ordered it in his absence. Shortly after it arrived, he arrived. As I mentioned, the portions are huge, as you can see. There are always doggy bags coming home from here.

As if the lunch wasn't enough, we had to order two slices of red velvet cake--one of which came home with us. No wonder I'm fat. My, but it was good. And mom loves her sweets. She and the kid, of course, have plenty of room for added weight. The hub and I, on the other hand, do not. Oh well. It was a fun lunch having the hub and kid with us. Just a little different than mom and I's normal run of the mill lunch out.

On the mom front, her MRI results came back with the "normal" shrinkage of the brain for her age and some scarring where she had indeed had several mini strokes. The doctor informed me that both were normal for her age. They could not say specifically when the mini strokes happened so I wonder if at least one was not more recent causing some of her symptoms. I do have to say though, she is so much more alert than she was this summer. Is it the B12 kicking in? I don't know. Is it because we have more of a routine than we had in the summer? Again, who knows. I just know she is happy and giddy and more like her old self. While she still has difficulty getting her words out, she is so much more alert and tries so much harder to talk. I'm so happy for her.

The boys are hard at work in the kitchen. All of the appliances are being delivered and installed tomorrow. I can hardly contain myself. Yippee! Now, I'm thinking my next favorite item will be the stove rather than the sink. The sink has yet to be installed. I'll let you know by tomorrow afternoon.


T*mmy said...

I love a pickle with a deli sandwich...or any sandwich for that matter!

Funny how you mentioned the "evesdropping" Hubby is notorius for it. We'll be sitting there eating and when we leave the cafe he will tell me the entire conversations the next table was having...I'm telling you, he should have been CIA!!

The picture of the cake had me drooling...I love that kind and that particular one looks very well made!!

Glad to hear your Mom is starting to perk up. I hope she continues to do so!

Have a great day!
Love & Hugs to YOU!

Motherkitty said...

I really enjoyed this post about the deli. My knee doctor's office is about four blocks away and we are always looking for somewhere interesting to eat when we come to town. I printed out their menu and the map. Thanks. Haven't been to this type of deli for three years (in San Diego) and am looking forward to it ALL. I'll bet it smells great in there.

Your kitchen is really coming along nicely. Can't wait to see the final results.

Susie said...

This deli looks like a great place to eat. The food looks yummy :)
So glad your Mom is doing better..



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