Thursday, September 06, 2007

While the Boys are Away

I shall play. I've been busy working on ATCs and other stuff since the teenager moved all my art supplies to the office upstairs. Since the boys won't be coming in today, I thought I'd take advantage of all the quietness of the old place and get some more work in. I'm am just giddy about my new space. See, if I hadn't had to clean out the junk closet because they were redoing the hard wood floors, I would have never moved and settled in here. From chaos comes calm (sometimes?). Let's think positive now.

The above London Box was made for a swap. I love using the old wooden cigar boxes for these. They wax up so nicely. Sometimes you lose some of the color from the paper ones when I put my wax on. It was my partner's, so I threw a bar of Miss Diva's soap in there too. It makes the box smell sooooo good! My box is coming from non-other than Miss Bethy! I can't wait to get it. Her work is always so lovely.

I've also been making some ATCs, as I mentioned. When I felt the smoke coming out of my ears, I would retreat to the upstairs and start tearing paper. Good therapy. I did an antiqued travel "set" and then a Japanese playing card set.

I've had this deck of Japanese cards since forever and have been dying to do something with them. I finally did. I love these three! The colors worked, the fading was just enough. Again, I never know how the colors are going to fade once I put my Briwax on. That stuff is pretty potent and it can dissolve some media. Eeeek. I've had colors completely disappear before my eyes. Sometimes, that's not good. grin.

Well, the party is over. The boys have arrived. They weren't supposed to come today. But, I'm glad they're here. I just want to keep this thing moving. Lordy. Git 'er done boys, as they say down here in Tennessee!


T*mmy said...

I still have the box you sent me last winter with all the wonderful little are such a sweet heart...I just wish we could sit down sometime and create together.
I'll probably do somthing creative this weekend...

Have a great day!

Mrs. Staggs said...

The box is lovely Rosa. I love the ATCs. They are some of the best that I've seen anywhere. Truly. You have such a good eye for making them. Tiny works of art!

Beverly said...

I just had to say hello....been browsing the www.
I am from Memphis, just down the road.
Your blog is lovely.

Artsy said...

I'm jealous! I love working on ATC's and I haven't. You inspire me.



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