Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Boudoir

I'm so glad I never put all my things back up after I painted the bedroom walls. Thus, there was room for these pretties. They are the two pieces that Corey made, the ones I mentioned in my last post.
I pulled out the wooden frames I had purchased and just went to town. I first put a stain on the very light wood and then added a coat of pink and a coat of blue. I added some dark brown here and there and then I stenciled some lacey pattern around the front. More antiquing brown and finally a coat of wax. I had this 12x12 piece of paper in the pink which kinda/sorta went with the other blue I had already mounted. The colors worked well enough. The paper looks a tad orangy here because I had to enhance it as the photo came out a little dark. But in person, it really is more of an antique pink. I promise.

I knew exactly where I was going to hang them. Right at the foot of our bed, on my side, so when I wake up I will see them. I even added a few little things to my shadow box setting. I was going to add some fallish things, but I decided against it. I don't spend enough time up here to make this area seasonal. It would sit endlessly in the autumn mode, I'm afraid.

The hub is back on US soil. Of course his flight was delayed in Japan so now he will be home later than planned. Isn't it a pain travelling these days? Yuk. I know he has to be totally exhausted.

The White Stripes' new song is on the radio. Gotta love the album's name--Icky Thump. Hmmm, let's try to get that video up here, shall we? Hmmmm. I think it was put elsewhere. Let's go see if I can fix that thang.


Beth said...

Oh, you better leave some room for you new shadow box too! And some other little goodies. PLEASE meet me this week if you can!!! I am so anxious to give you your box. I think its going to fit in with your new decor and even something for Riverside too. Miss you dear friend!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Well first of all, let me tell you how much I love your Halloween ATCs. They are so great! Everyone else will love them too.
I'm glad you're getting organized and rehanging all of your pretty things. I like those pieces that Corey made. Your room looks so pretty and personal.
That Bella! I have a fish in the living room. I used to have 2, but one recently died. Miss Luna never has played with them. She drinks out of the bowl now and then, but leaves the fish alone.
It's fun thinking about music again. I haven't been this year so much. I just seem to have lived in sort of a daze, going from one thing to another. The yougest Mister has some great music. I'm always asking him, who's that. Then I promptly forget!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm glad the Hub made it safely home. Now go buy that fish....before he heads out again!



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