Saturday, September 08, 2007


(I used Doo Dads for this little piece.)

It's Saturday, it's quiet and it's raining. Doesn't get much better than that. Yesterday, I fiddled around with some digitals trying to bide my time. I wish my desk looked as sweet as this. Obviously it doesn't.

I'm getting antsy in the house. This time of year, or any change of season actually, I enjoy puttering--setting up vignettes here and there welcoming the new season. Obviously, these lovelies are from last year. Now that the house is in complete disarray, Lord knows they aren't in my house now. Oh sure, I could straighten up the kitchen table that is now in the family room, I could organize the study and clean off the old Victorian table that holds an explosion of paper, I could sort through all the miscellaneous kitchen paraphernalia sitting on the dining room table; each by itself would give me a small space to work with. But, I won't. Not yet anyway. So I should just quit my bellyaching. But, I probably won't.

The boys showed up yesterday, ready to conquer. Perhaps the note I sent to office got through to them. Of course, it was pleasant enough but to the point. I'm watching, yes indeed, my eyes are wide open. Seems I keep getting the guys in trouble by my little notes. The first no-no was when I called one of the lower-on-the-totem-pole guys to relay a message. Early on, when we discovered the mold behind the kitchen sink, I had asked them to cut out the drywall that was damaged. Did they? Of course not. I was livid. Like I said, the "son" doesn't seem to like what I have to say. He seems to dismiss me each time. So, I made the phone call the next morning, unable to find "son's" number in my mess, I phoned the number I could find. Oooops. My bad. He was not supposed to give his number out, being so low on the totem pole, I suppose. Apparently, he then got docked a day of pay. Go figure. Bottom line for me though was that my floor guy ended up cutting the drywall out. Nice guy. Respectable, reliable and resourceful--the should-be three Rs of contracting. My next bad was with No. 2 guy. When he couldn't find any record of the pot filler, we both skimmed through the almighty book. He told me yesterday, he got scolded for allowing me to look through it. What is the deal with that? It's my kitchen, my money, I should have access to whatever I want access to. Lord have mercy. If there's something they don't want me to see, it shouldn't be allowed out of their office. And what is it they are trying to hide in the first place? Never tell me there is something I'm not supposed to see. Because I will see it, oh yes, I will. Of course, after I heard that, I quietly got that book and made a copy of each page in it. Were there any great surprises? None. No conspiracies, no secret notes, nothing. Dang, I was ready to find some juicy stuff in there. Nada. I certainly don't know what the big deal was. Anyway, the No. 2 guy and I had a great giggle over the whole thing. Guess he wasn't docked a day's pay.

Getting back to my original train of thought of the boys kicking it in gear yesterday; after they left, I got my snake eyes set and took a walk about. Added electrical outlets, check. Working on spot light for china cabinet, check. Great. Even marked up where the now-infamous pot filler is going. All's good. Later in the night, I went to the rec room. Low and behold, they had actually cleaned and caulked the counter tops to the old/new wet bar and desk. The boys had even taken upon themselves to find the drawers (scattered on the office floor) to the little desk and put them in! Now, that's what I'm twalkin' about! This is what I'm expecting of them. I have to admit, after being so disappointed in past days, this came as a bonus. It shouldn't have. It should be a given. I was so excited, I was going to send a nice note to the office. Then I caught myself. I tend to get taken advantage of when I'm nice, obviously. I'll have to keep my hard-nose-be-otch attitude until this job is done. Hate to be that way; but unfortunately, at times, it's still a man's world. I'll get back to being nice once it's all said and done. (Yes, I still buy the fellows coffee and doughnuts when they show up--I'm not an ogre! Geesh.)

Anyhoo, with my antsiness (is that a word?), I'm thinking about redoing the closets. These wire shelves have bugged me since the day I set eyes on them. I'm wondering if I'm able to replace them myself with wood shelving. Hmmm, probably. Then, of course, I have to go a step further and paint the insides a gorgeous color. Why should closets be boring, I say. I even had an inkling to wallpaper the back wall to them! hehe. I'm crazy, I know.

Well, unfortunately with the rain comes allergies. Already with the sniffles. I'm sitting here, sniffling and snorting like a an old sod. Must go find something. Zyrtec, I want you. Kleenex, I need you.


PEA said...

Ok, I was thinking you were quite the witch but since you said you do give them coffee and doughnuts, then that's ok! hehe Just teasing!!! Anyway, I agree with you, it's still a man's world out there and these contractors often try to take advantage. What a shame that you just couldn't go away for a month on a nice vacation and come back when it's all finished! Nice thought! lol I've just read all of your posts that I certainly have been put through the wringer with all that remodeling! LOVE your ATCs and that cigar box you collaged...beautiful!! I've been working on a couple of Halloween crafts xoxo

Janet said...

Oh, Rosemary....I do so love to hear about your decorating ideas. I'll never look at my closets the same again! Wallpaper!! You're so ambitious! It's good to hear that at least some of the work is going along the way it should. Keep on their toes!

T*mmy said...

Speaking of eyes are in an much so that I did not try to read your whole post, maybe I'll get around to it later...but I do have plans to go to the doc in the morning........
Allegra D is working...I is working too good maybe and drying up my tears...oh well I'll see what doc says tomorrow....
Have a good your flag too!

Beth said...

Poor Rosie with Allergies,,terrific fun in Tennessee,lol. You so busy,,I miss Ya so much!!!

Vita said...

That painted closet is gorgeous. I love the color. What a stressful time for you! I have some wall that needs cutting out and replacing. I hope I'm not just waiting for the house to fall down around my ears, but I'm not doing anything about it yet.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Giggle. The lower on the toem pole boys! hehe

I really like the flag you have there! I do hope your allergies are better!



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