Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pretty Closets and Other Stuff

I certainly don't know why I'm spending so much time on these closets. Perhaps it's because I can't do much more around here, it's in such disarray. Guess these are my fall decorations for the time being. How sad is that?

The coat closet is finished. Yay. My hangers came in over the weekend and I have so much stuff in the front hall, I didn't even notice the box! Again, pretty sad. I discovered it yesterday; and so today, I put all the coats back in. I love them! I'm glad I ordered 25. I didn't think I would use them all, of course I did. I'm loving how each coat sits perfectly in line with the other. I know, I know, mental case. Guess I need a little structure because of the rest of the house. Believe me, it won't stay this way through the winter. I'll make sure and take a picture, say around January, to prove it.

I even went as far as making labels for my baskets. How about that? I used Mo Jackson's doo dads, which I adore. (Thank you Mrs. Staggs.) It's quite an addiction, these doo dads. I find more and more ways to use them all the time and I can sit for hours upon hours making pages using them. This time, I printed out my pages and glued them onto labels. Vwalla. Organized. For the time being. Did I tell you that I'm loving that pretty blue peeking out from behind the coats and baskets. I know, I'm pathetic. I agree.

I never did get back to my other closet--you know the one, the one I didn't measure. I was going to today but just ran out of time. The hub is off to the Orient, had to drive him to the airport. Well, I didn't have to, but I did. Mom had a doctor's appointment shortly thereafter, so we just did a swing around Nashville. Momoson had a check up last week with her regular physician. He suggested that she go to a Neurologist. I had been fighting it. In the back of my mind, I really don't want to know what is causing her to lose her speech. I'm terrified it's something that will lead to other things, worse things, if you know what I mean. But, we went ahead and made the appointment for this morning.

I was so afraid. In actuality, after the brain doc came in and I explained all her symptoms (including this summer's total loss of memory regarding Riverside), it felt good to sit back and let her try and answer questions on her own. I sometimes feel overwhelmed having to speak for her, finish her sentences and basically figure out what she is trying to say, for myself and those around us. It did, however, break my heart watching her struggle with her words and seeing her confusion when he asked her to do basic things. I think it was the first time in many years I didn't say a word or try to help her through a foggy moment. I felt the tears welling up but I contained myself. I did good.

After a few minutes, he began telling me some things it might be. The usual--dementia, Alzheimer's, no new news there. Then he said it also could be related to her B12 levels. Well, deary me, her doc had called me with her lab results yesterday informing me that indeed her B12 levels were low. I was to bring her in once a week to get a B12 shot. Let me tell you, you can only imagine big my smile got when he said those words. If her confusion and loss for words is caused by a B12 deficiency, then I will be the happiest girl in the world. Can you imagine? I had never heard of such a thing. You? (I think maybe I need to get a couple shots myself--my memory isn't what it used to be. hehe.) Fascinating stuff. He also informed us that the brain stops growing by the age of 25. It then begins to shrink. At her age, he says, the frontal lobe will be quite smaller than a younger persons. With dementia and Alzheimer's, it is even smaller. Yes, she's going in for a brain scan on Thursday. Again, scared to death. Again, do I want to know? I am just praying it's all the B12. I'm chanting B12, B12, B12! Can ya chant with me? Altogether now.


Mrs. Staggs said...

B12, B12, B12!!!!
I have actually heard of a B12 deficency causing confusion. I think it is common. One of my oldest and dearest friends is the manager of an assisted living home, and I remember her mentioning this to me one time. I sure do hope that things all work out Rosa. I'll be holding a good thought.
You're closets look amazing!
Doo dada are fun!
Take care!


I just said a prayer for you and your sweet Mama.

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

Watch for an email from me on this!

Granny said...

I'll keep both of you in my thoughts.

Yes, B-12 (the lack) can do that or so my son told me when I was complaining about my own forgetfulness.

Let's pray that's the culprit. Best wishes.


Vallen said...

I'm hoping right along with you that your mom can get a boost of B12 and be better

T*mmy said...

That must have been a hard thing to go through with your Mom...I just can't imagine!

B12 B12 B12!!!

PEA said...

Gimme a B...Gimme a 1...Gimme a 2...What have we got??? B12!!! Yeaaaaaa! There, hope that helps! lol Oh Rosa, I can just imagine how worried you are about your mom but sometimes it's best to know exactly what you're dealing with so that you can then get the right care. Praying with you that's it's only the B12 deficiency. Your coat closet looks great, I should get mine organized like that too...aren't we just so pathetic when things like that excite us?? LOL xoxo

Janet said...

B12....B12....B12....I'll keep chanting this with you. I'm also sending good thoughts your way that all is fine with the brain scan.

And I love your closets! They're sooooo organized! Can you come do mine?!!

cityfarmer said...

You have our word on prayers for Mom...Faith without works is dead....

Oh BTW the closets are fab!

lila said...

I am praying for you with your Mom's situation!
Many of us seem to be dealing with aging parents! I am in my Mom's house trying to get it cleaned and more user-friendly for her...ie rails in the shower and handrail to get up the front steps.
She has a hard time wtih focus and decisions...and too much piles up around her!
I was interested in reading about taking her to the neurologist. We need to do that too! You give me a good example!

Artsy said...

I've had that happen! A few years ago my head was a mish mash.I started taking sublingual B12 and what a difference. I know how alarmed you must be. We'll keep repeating it loud and clear.


* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

I am chanting and praying....and chanting......and heading for the B12.
xox Rella

Beth said...

I am over here west of you chanting a way. I understand completely!!
Lotsa prayers headed your way too!



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