Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Well, not quite, but one down and two to go. This one wasn't so bad after all. I measured correctly, for a change; so that made it almost a snap! Not quite, but almost. If you'll remember, this is what came out of that tiny little space! Lordy dordy. Let's see how long it stays organized. I'm hoping the basket system will help. For a little while, anyway. I touched up a little trim (in oil base) so I'm waiting until that is truly dry before I put the coats and jackets back in. Pewee. I even ordered some new hangers that will fit snug against each other rather than my usual mish-mosh that make all the jackets hang haphazardly. I am trying to get more organized in my old age (or is it anal?). I just figured, there's absolutely no excuse once you have to take everything out not to put it back nicely. You may as well organize it. (Hey, I'm really not that good--if it weren't for the floors being redone, it would still be sitting in its previous state of chaos, believe me.) I am proud of myself though. I'll be so happy with our first snow and will actually be able to find a set of boots that match. Actually, any matching shoes at any given time will be nice, for that matter. That will be a miracle in itself.

My next closet will be a tad more work. It is the linen closet outside our guest bedroom. Yep, you know the one. The one that had all my china in it. It only has four shelves to replace and no bar; so that should be pretty easy. At least now that I kind of know what I'm doing. At least, I think I do. Grin.


Vallen said...

I always have way more stuff than closets. I'm wathing your progress and hoping to pick up a few trips/

PEA said...

This organizing bug seems to be going around...that's what I'm doing right now so let's see how long it stays organized! lol You did good, Rosa:-) xox

Beth said...

Hey,,thats looking great! Will you come do my closets next? I actually cleaned my messiest closest out on Labor Day week-end!
Hope to see you saturday!!!

Vita said...

I'm wondering if painting the inside of my coat closet would have any affect on me. Right now, when you open the door, all you can see are baskets of boots, gloves, hats and scarves on the floor up to the bottom of the coats, and baskets and boxes on the shelf above the coats, and the interior of the closet can't be seen at all! Are you talking about coat hangers that have built-in spacers? I am breathless waiting for the next chapter in your saga.

Dianne said...

Ro, what kind of hangers did you order? Sounds like something I could use!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oooo... I love that color!! And that you said "Lordy Dordy" just cracked me up!! Blessings... Polly



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