Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I'm feeling especially patriotic this year. If I had a gazillion decorations, I would put them all out. I'm missing living in DC with all the festivities that take place there.

When we were growing up, our parents would take us down to the mall (the park between the Washington Monument and the Capitol--not a shopping mall!) to watch the fireworks shoot above us with the Washington Monument as a back drop. When I was really young, we went down but as soon as the first one sounded, apparently I freaked and they had to pack up the blankets and the kids and head back home across the Potomac. A couple of years later (remember, this is the mid 60s I'm talking about), we went down and had to pack up because tear gas was being thrown at the demonstrators. Yuk. I don't remember either.

I do, however, remember the years as a teenager, going down to the mall and picnicking all day, listening to the bands play and then having the fireworks end our night with a blast. We would park on 6th Street, NW where my aunt had a business and walk down to the mall. There were never any parking spaces by mid morning! (Does anyone remember when the Beach Boys were banned to play because they weren't "wholesome" enough for families! What an uproar that caused! Geesh. I had to look up the year--1983.) I miss laying under the Washington Monument in the grass and watching them shooting right over your head. You feel the power when they are shot off and the earth shakes when they explode above you. There's no place like it, I'm convinced. I think the last time I went was with the hub, probably around 1987.

I started working for USA TODAY shortly thereafter, and they would have the best July 4th parties on the top floors of their building which overlooked DC. (Remember, DC has a building height restriction of no higher than 12 stories, so the Washington Monument remains the tallest building in the city.) So, when Gannett built the twin towers for themselves and the new USA TODAY, it caused a big ruckus across the Potomac in Virginia. It was the tallest building around and with that came the best views of DC hands' down. USA TODAY and Gannett have since moved their offices and I'm sure they miss those gorgeous views of that gorgeous city. (PS, to rub it in a little, I worked on the 20th floor. It was fabulous!)

Then came the days when the inlaws decided to move to upstate NY (from the NYC metropolitan area) and insisted that the ENTIRE family come for July 4th every year. I tell you, that area has to be the most UNpatriotic place on earth. Fireworks are actually against the law up there and there are NO displays to go to and watch! Oooooof. I hated it; and finally, after moving to TN, had to put an end to those visits. I HAVE to celebrate July 4th. And I need to see fireworks. They don't have to be in-your-face fireworks, but don't send me somewhere they are illegal for goodness sakes. Lordy me. I'd never heard of such a thing. (The last time we went, we brought out own from TN. I think perhaps we got banned after that. Maybe that's the story. Hehe, kidding.)

At any rate, sigh, I am so ready to watch fireworks this year. I've decided to stay home this week because I don't want to put too much strain on Sherrie who stays and watches mom while I'm gone. The hub is going down to Riverside and do guy stuff with some friends down there. The kid and I will go to our little grassy knoll and watch our little town's extravaganza. Yay!

After the guys put everything back yesterday, I started putting my Americana stuff out.

Yay for the red, white and blue.

And Bella too, watching from the window. Precious.

Note to self: Frankie yearly shots, Dave yearly shots


Vallen said...

I'm home alone, too. I can watch fireworks from Great America and the amphitheater out on the bay if a get up on the roof but I'll probably just eat bbq and margaritas and call it a day. Your porch looks like the proper place to sit and watch a parade. Maybe we could organize one for next year.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great decorations! Have a marvelous day tomorrow!



Janet said...

Since moving to our house, we never have to go farther than our front yard to see lots of fireworks. This neighborhood is great because so many families put on their own fireworks displays. I love it!

Your porch looks fantastic! I want to come visit and just sit on your porch!

Jeanie said...

Oh, my -- you look just like the fourth of July! I want to watch fireworks from your pretty porch -- or sit there and enjoy a tall glass of ice tea -- or something else! So far, all I've done is buy a pre-packaged bouquet at the store of red, white and blue flowers and plunked them in a vase on my messy table, so you can hardly see them. I can see I have some work in store...

Jeanie said...

PS -- Thank you for posting more pix of Miss Bella!



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