Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You just never know what you're going to find here on my blog. One day it's Rolls Royces and cottages outside London and the next day it's snakes.

Well, I'm sorry, but it's been snakes, snakes, snakes around here. Last night, for some unknown reason, I stayed up watching that stupid movie Snakes on a Plane. I don't know why. But I watched the entire thing; well, from the middle on, anyway. Thought I would have nightmares, but I was ok.

Just now, I got a phone call from one of the guys who watches our place in Alabama. The idiot workman (are they all idiots? I'm beginning to think so) who started the job and has yet to show up for two months chopped out two holes in the bunker (storage room under the house). The town suggested we do it for flood waters so it can run through and then retreat. So, like I said, the idiot breaks two holes through the cinder block. Leaves them wide open. The phone call from the nice guy asks tonight "Are you going to fill in those holes or what?" He goes on to tell me that while he was there today, one snake was coming out and one (a water moccasin, he thought) was going in. Loverly. Just what I want to hear. Close ears tight-- lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala. Ewww. Heeby jeebies. I go in that bunker several times a day when we're there! EW! Since the idiot doesn't seem to be coming back, this nice guy is going to close the holes up with screening or something. Hopefully, he won't lock any in! OMG! Ssssssssssssss.

Ok, that's my snake story. And no, I couldn't bare putting a picture of a real snake up there. Gross. But I really am feeling especially creepy crawly tonight.

PS I am kinda liking the updating feed on my blog list. I don't like the look, but it is quite convenient, I must say. Still haven't decided yet which format I will go with. Thanks for the input.


Artsy said...

Oh no! No snakeys. I hate them..any snake. Okay your toy snake is cute,but real ones--ick. The totally freak me out. Once my girlfriend was water skiing and she tumbled into the water and came up with a water moccasin stuck inside her bathing suit. Not kidding! It was stunned when she it it and could feel it in her bra. She reached in and pulled it out...shook it, screamed and almost passed out.


Get rid of those snakes.

Janet said...

When I saw the title of this post I almost didn't read know me and my FEAR of snakes! There is no way I would ever watch that movie! And then to read that you have snakes at your home....OMG! I wouldn't be able to live there if I thought there might be a snake around. I know my fear is completely out of control but I can't help it. I just don't like snakes.

Linda said...

I'm not a fan of snakes either. We found a small one in our pool but my husband thinks it was poisnous. Dianne found a scorpian on her pillow at their place in AZ. I don't think I could ever sleep in that bed again.

Vallen said...

Take Bella the snake whisperer. You'll be fine.

Jeanie said...

Ick, snakes! Be careful. And be careful of Ms. Bella -- I don't want her to hit it off head-on with a water moccasin.

Jeanie said...

Ick, snakes! Be careful. And be careful of Ms. Bella -- I don't want her to hit it off head-on with a water moccasin.



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