Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Layout Input

I've been playing around with my blog tonight. I've added a new feature in Blogger that allows you to list your favorite blogs with the feed thingy next to it and it updates the name when a new post is made.

It looks a tad messy to me, I think I prefer the look I had (I left the old list up too so you can see). Does anyone even use this on my sidebar except me? The update is kinda nice, but is it worth it when it changes the look of your (my) blog?

Should I update and move on in blogging technology or keep the nice clean look I had before and stay behind the times?

Input please? {Lurkers especially welcomed to pipe in.}


Peggy said...

I use it as I like being able to click over to the updated ones instead of scrolling through all of them. I hate the bloglist thing that gives me updates in my email as they are always a day late.

Janet said...

I haven't used this new feature on blogger. My only comment is that it makes your sidebar very long!

PEA said...

I've just started seeing this in some blogs...I'll have to check it out. I use Bloglines but quite often it's down and it updates very slowly. I don't think it looks messy but then it's whatever you prefer:-) I'll probably try it out for a few days until I decide if I like it or not! lol xoxo

Nashvlkats (faithful lurker) said...

It's handy. I like that it tells when the last posting was on each blog. I'm not too fond of the little icons for different blog services, but I suppose those companies like the free advertising. Your great photos and inserted images take command of the space.
I use the sidebars occasionally. Your blog... your call.

Beth said...

I don't use it but may try it sometime or another. I like just being surprised when I make my rounds if any one has posted or not.

Artsy said...

well, it doesn't look bad. Hmm.

robin bird said...

well i've seen it used on other blogs but the cool thing on those is that it tells you the name of the newest post..not just when it was updated. it kind of drags me out more into the blog world (i need that like a hole in the head!) because it raises my curiosity. this just seems rather mundane and yes... maybe a tad messy for what the trade off is. you have such a nicely organized and well designed blog rosa.

Jeanie said...

I'm a bad one to ask -- I don't even know how to add a background to change my template. It's interesting to read the other comments... it does clutter it up a bit, doesn't it.



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