Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If I Had a Rolls

. . . I would have the interior custom designed by Jane Churchill.

And then I would have her design my living room,

to complement it.

That is, if I lived in London.

Nevermind. I think I'd prefer this little cottage over the Rolls any day.
(Just look at those pineapple porch lights!)

Dream on girlfriend. As always, one thing leads to another in my day. I was looking at fabrics, some of which were Jane Churchill's, I decided to take a peek at her British site. That is where I came upon these pretties. Whatchya think? Go for it? The Rolls or the cottage? I say the cottage, for sure. Probably cheaper. ha.


PEA said...

I'd take the cottage too:-) You sound like me...start with one thing and end up doing everything else but what I'm supposed to be doing. lol

The Indian food you made looks delicious but I don't like anything too spicy...geez, I find pepper hot! lol I know, I'm such a wuss. It's not that it doesn't agree with me, I'm just not into spicy food. I remember when one of my brothers got married, we ate at this restaurant and they had ordered the HOT chicken wings (suicide wings I think they call them) and it was so strong, my eyes were watering and I was sitting at the opposite end of the long table!!! xoxo

Vallen said...

I say the cottage so you can invite some friends to stay over, hint, hint.

Vita said...

It looks like you found a wonderful way to wile (or should that be "while"?) away some too hot hours. I've got to hurry out and water flowers here, or the dog will be wanting her morning walk before I get it done. I just drag a hose with a nozzle on the end. I love sprinklers, but tend to use too much water that way. How do you water your flowers? Anyway, I vote Cottage, not Rolls Royce. Those Rolls' are a pain in the neck. But I'd like to have a friend with one, who'd give me rides while it was between repairs.

Beth said...

Gotta go for the cottage,,not so big on fancy cars,,but I do Love cottages!

Jeanie said...

I'd take the cottage. I'd just trash the Rolls after a bit...



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