Monday, July 28, 2008


(Had to give Bella her due. She was jealous of Abby's last spread.)

The kid and I decided tonight that we were having Indian. I have stock piled jars of sauces since I discovered World Market down in Spanish Fort, AL. This was the first time I tried them. I opened three before I found one that tasted anything like the Indian I'm accustomed to and settled on the Tiger Tiger Punjabi sauce. I had a box of Biryani Rice, so I threw that on the stove top too.

Add naan, and voila! instant (almost) Indian! There wasn't quite smoke coming out our ears, but it did have a little bite to it. It was really tasty.

The house smelled so good, I got in the mood for some incense. I have many smokers from Germany that I have collected over the years after a friend who lived there for a short while got me started on them. First I pulled out this little fellow. I had found some incense in Bremen, Germany, several years ago that smell just like church. Yum.

But I couldn't stop at just one smoker. No, I had to find one, my kitchen one, to get smoking in (of course) the kitchen. Then it made me stop and think. Hmmm, I have yet to smudge that nasty kitchen funk those creepy men left while renovating it. I asked the kid to get a shell from his room and the smudge sticks and by golly, we were going to smudge.

I went on line to find the prayer that goes with the smudging and read it's a no no to smudge if you have had alcohol within the past four days. Well, I hardly ever drink. But on Saturday, when I was rummaging through some of my old mags, I found this.

I had previously found this Caipirinha mixer at Williams-Sonoma (half price) which lead to this little display. I keep the mandarin vodka on hand for Cosmopolitans. I have to admit though, it really wasn't a good match.

But one ounce of vodka wasn't going to kill an already made cocktail. No, sir-ee. However, after the ice melted in this, I just added more key lime mixer, leaving the vodka out, and finished with what equaled a limeade. Very refreshing indeed.

More smoking to come later! Stay tuned.


Artsy said...

Biryani Rice is that a brand or a type of basmati is? I love rice in any form. Love it! Looks wonderful. We have a World Market here too. I must look for this!

Janet said...

Cats, food, drinks, and smokers! Wow....what a combination. Love it!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Abby and Miss Bella are both equally beautiful. Just recently, a friend and I were talking about how every cat we've lived with has been very different from the others, personality wise. It takes all sorts, even in the feline world too!
I've never had Indian food, but I think your dish sounds very good. That drink sounds like a doozy....perhaps we should smudge you too!

I'd send some cooler air to you, if I could. but it warmed up to 81 degrees here today. 'Course, I suppose that sounds cool to you!

Saucy said...

Things at Williams-Sonoma can be hit and miss, especially when found on sale....

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Bella is such a sweetie pie! Gotta love that pretty face!

Wow, gorgeous food! I'd love to have a smoker...



Linda said...

I'm not a fan of Indian-got sick on it once-but it looks good. Love your smokers-how cute are they?

robin-bird said...

it's fun to follow you around rosa and get the minute (or almost) to minute scoop on your thinking process. no smudging for four days eh? i guess that means those creepy old renovators ought to be out of there my thursday latest....
you go girl!

Anonymous said...

I love Caipirinha! I brought back some cacha├ža from Brazil but never managed to get it just right. Perhaps I need to get the mix.

Beth said...

quelle great blog!



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