Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yes, Indeed

Almost the fourth! Yay. I can hardly wait. But, my plans have changed once more.

The hub left today for Riverside, lucky him. The rest of us stayed home. The kid and I were going to bbq in the morning (before it got too hot outside) and take a picnic to our grassy knoll and eat before the fireworks started tomorrow night. Well, now his friend (the star) has delayed his returning to LA until this weekend. Hmmm. Alone again. Just lil' ol' me on the deck watching them from here. Oh well. Like I wrote about before, I've had my day in the sun, so I'm ok with it. Pout. (lol)

I got my stomach thingy again last night after having a delightful dinner of shrimp and pasta. I had froze most of the fresh pasta I had picked up in Nashville a couple of weeks ago and was just dying to try this herb linguine. I did enjoy it but the stomach started hurting again and I had to go to bed right after eating and even ended up taking one of my special tummy pills. Ew. It was just horrible. The hub and I talked about it today, and we're both wondering if it's nerves. Mom had a bad day yesterday after my taking her dog to the vets threw her off. She was up and down a million times all day. Lordy. I hope I'm not holding all my angst in my tummy (even though it's big enough to hold a lot! hehe). It does sort of make sense though as last week when I got sick was another whopper of a day. Definitely making a mental note now.

I got out of the house this morning to clear my head. I found some more little flags to put around the place. These are the pieces I found in Fairhope. Sweet.

Missy Liberty.

And Uncle Sam.

As the night settles in, I can hear little pops of fireworks from the early birds already! Love it!!!


Peggy said...

I will be sitting with the goats as the fireworks go off. They don't care for them and get a little nervous. William is in California so it will be me and the goats. Love your 4th decorations.

Linda said...

Have a happy solitary 4th. I love all of your decorations. That shrimp pasta dish looks really good. Hope your Mom is happily reunited with her dog and doing well. My 4th will be spent traveling. I hardly even notice what day it is any more. At first I was a little sad to miss such an American tradition but time moves on, as they say.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy 4th of July! Great decorations, as usual!



paris parfait said...

Very sweet finds. Hope your tummy is feeling much better - yes, I know from experience that stress can be a factor. Take care of YOU! xoxox



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