Saturday, July 19, 2008

All You Do is Squawk Squawk

We're under attack by the mockingbirds! It must be hatching season. Poor Dave was just about getting eaten alive when I rescued him from the front porch yesterday afternoon.

One sits on alert and squawks to the other one.

They've made it difficult getting the mail, watering and just going outside. They have surrounded a cluster of our houses and attack if anyone steps outside. It is a tad comical to watch. Not so fun being on the receiving end of one of their dive bombings though. I had to swing at them when I picked up the mail this afternoon. Even took great delight in chasing them with the hose while trying to catch up on my watering.

They even go as far as chasing me on the front porch! Aggressive little buggers.

We were terribly sad to see the cuz go home yesterday. We both kept our tears to a minimum. The night before, we almost lost it during our late dinner after arriving home from Riverside. We started talking about her leaving and both of us welled up uncontrollably. I think we get it from my dad, her papaw. He had a soft spot and could shed a tear at the drop of a hat too at anything sad. Tough Texan, ha. The kid and I spoke to her last night and she made it home safely. We miss her so much already.

While at the airport, I enjoyed this photo exhibit by Marty Stuart. I know him from his Grand Ol' Opry fame, but I had no idea he was also a photographer. I love the one of Johnny Cash in his later years. I was so glad when he finally decided to stop dying his hair black!

And Porter Wagoner. Geesh, I was raised on these guys! Loretta is to the right of Porter here.

These are from my latest flowers-of-the-month. Of course they arrived after I had left for Riverside. They sat on the front porch for two days before the teenager discovered them. Then I remembered they were coming, called the teenager who told me he had brought the box in. Did he open it? Nope! Lordy. They sat in the box for all of four days!! But, he did finally open the box and put them in water. They were still brilliant when I arrived home Thursday night. Amazing.

I'm always happy when I get back home and find new growth instead of a dead plant. Some one's been watering my babies!

I am so tired and am glad it's the weekend. I did go through my mail today and sorted through everything. I think I need a college degree to finish the paperwork for the teenager's first semester at UT. How confusing it all is. He actually received another scholarship that we didn't know about. What fantastic news that was. Now his room and board is paid for (which is the same amount as tuition, if you can believe it!) If I can only figure out how to do everything online, I'll be doing A-ok.

Bella is also enjoying the lazy days of summer, caught here mid-yawn. If I ever get enough energy I'm going to try and get to visiting again. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer!


Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

I never knew Mockingbirds did that.......what are they.. "Hitchcock" birds? You almost need a hard hat to venture outside. Maybe they want hair for nest building? Or maybe they're dare devils and challenge one another...."ok, here comes another one, I double-bird dare you to go straight for the head".
Bella has the right idea.......

Jeanie said...

Mockingbirds? Maybe that's what I heard up north -- I was thinking they were gulls or something profoundly evil...

Glad you're back! Ms. B. looks like she was too pooped to participate!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I didn't realize that Mockingbirds were so large. We go through something similar when the crows have babies nearby. One year I had to wear a box over my head everytime I went out to my car!



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