Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fluttering About

Heck with washer and dryer combos, God should have given us women wings! A zillion hours? I think not.

The hub is returning home tonight, yay! I don't even know how long the guy has been gone; but this has been one of his longest trips since we moved to Tennessee. It's a lot easier in the summer months but now that school is right around the corner, I'm happy for him to be coming home. I admire single parents. The kid has been in orientation for his new adventures in high school these past two days. Tomorrow is his "red letter" day where he gets his schedule, picks up books, gets his locker assigned and so on. So exciting--for me, anyway

We head to Riverside on Sunday, giving the hub a long week's break after his travels throughout all of Asia. He's going to really need it. It will be our last summer time hurrah. I'm hoping my girlfriends will be able to come back down in the fall like we did last year. It's so much nicer there when the weather is cooler. What do snakes do when it gets cooler? Hopefully, they go away. I have the heebie jeebies now. In fact, I have never seen one. Thank goodness for that.

When we get back, the kid starts high school and the teenager heads off to college. I can hardly believe it. Seems like just yesterday he was heading to his first little preschool. Sniffle. Of course, he hasn't even begun to pack anything. I'm not doing it for him, I tell you. It will be a rude awakening once he gets there and doesn't have what he needs. And you know, I'll be there, packing things up in boxes and mailing it to him after he calls griping about it, of course. But, until he asks, the boy/man is on his own. Kids. Geesh.

The kid and I are on our way to the dollar store to pick up some little squirt guns and stuff for my nieces who are at camp for the next month. Getting a care package together for them. I never did camp growing up. We couldn't afford it and plus we made our own camp in the car driving to Georgia and Texas each summer. It was always the rich kids that went and would come back singing the camps songs and such. I kind of envied them a little. But we weren't that kind of family. Now that I look at it from a different perspective, I kind of feel sorry for the kids being shipped off. I sent the boys to a day camp when we first moved to Tennessee for a couple of weeks. They liked it ok but only did it the one session. I thought it would be good for them to get used to the area. After the kid came home crying one day after a tornado touched down at CAMP, I never sent them back. I'm not a clingy mom, but I adore having them with me during the summers.

Ok, off to clean the house (swiffer the floor and make the bed) then we're on our way to the dollar store. Then, before I know it, the hub will be arriving home. Will I even recognize the guy? hehe.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

School starts very early in the US. Yep, time passes soooo fast ;-P!



Saucy said...

I'm a little weepy, too... Buddy Budderson out of school, it seems like just yesterday we were picking out the fat crayons for preschool... *sniff*.

Jeanie said...

I never did camp -- we always went to the lake. They'll love the package!

Good for you, holding tight on the packing! Time they learn it and consequences!!!



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