Sunday, July 27, 2008


Abby (aka Fabby, Flabby, Phoebe, etc) has been in our family for many years. She was given to us by none-other-than Santa Claus himself; left on the door step with a note attached asking if we could care for her. The season was coming up fast and the winters in the North Pole were too hard on the little kitten. Of course, we gladly accepted her into our little brood. This was way back in 1996. Ab is the only animal from Virginia still with us. She has survived this long only because she has the personality of a door knob. She hardly ever gets involved with anyone or anything; therefore, she will live forever.

I can hardly ever get pictures of her as she is not the friendliest cat in the house. If you go up to her, she will run away. If you look at her, she will turn. That is, unless you have food. She's a food junkie. Any kind of food will do. Then, and only then, she's a little pussy cat.

When Abby first came on the scene, the vet wanted to wait until she was six months old before I could have her spayed. I waited. She got out one day. Shortly thereafter, I took her in for her six-month checkup and the vet proceeds to tell me she is already pregnant. Well, I know it only takes one time, but seriously now, what are the odds? So, we bought kitten food and fattened her up. We kept on fattening her up but she only got fat, never started showing. When we took her back to the vets, he diagnosed it with "false pregnancy." Uh huh. Misdiagnosis, more like it. Poor Abby. She never could lose the weight after that. I feel your pain, child.

But what a plump beauty she is. Look at those eyes, that fur, that face! In actuality, she is lightening up a bit. Of course, I took these pictures as the kid and I were eating lunch and I gave her a bite of chicken, which loosened her up for the camera.

But then the lovefest ended, just about as fast as it began. And she was off again, to hide somewhere no one could bother her. Until more food was brought out.


Linda said...

I got my cat at an animal shelter and think life must have been scary and hard before he was found with his brothers and sisters in a field somewhere. Ten years later he still is frightened of any movement but he is loving as long as I don't stand up or move quickly. He only eats dry cat food though-won't touch anything else.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It's sad that she's not very friendly, because she makes you want to cuddle her with her pretty face...



Janet said...

Your Abby sounds very much like our LuLu. She only wants human attention on her terms and when she decides! The rest of the time she disappears under some bed or behind some curtain or any number of hiding places. She's definitely a loner but when she wants some attention she plops down in my lap and demands it.

What would we do without our cats?!!

robin-bird said...

false pregnancy indeed! she is a beauty even if she is a doorknob :)

PEA said...

She sounds like that stray kitty I've been stays on the deck now if I'm there but as long as I don't make eye contact or reach out for it. Food is what it takes to me it stay! lol Abby is just beautiful and you're right, her eyes are gorgeous!! xoxo

Jeanie said...

My, I've missed a lot! This is my first time on a puter and so only one comment. I decided to do it on Abby's post, because I ALWAYS comment on my girl Bella, and thought Abby deserved kudos! The sausage biscuits look great, the snake icky! And all the photos wonderful. Back next WEek!



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