Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's Happenin'?

Not a whole lot going on here. Being as lazy as lazy can be. Trying to stay inside as it is hotter than you-know-what down here. And if any of us do go outside, we are taking our lives in our hands as the mockingbirds are still on the attack. Not as bad as they were as the chicks are up and flying; but they are still there. Even Dave (above) is staying in more.

As I was watering my mom's flowers yesterday, I had the hose spraying on one of the tall crepe myrtles that are in bloom. I decided to hose the entire bush as it's just been so hot. As soon as I got to the top, birds starting arriving from all around to get a shower! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Even the baby mockingbirds where there after momma squawked at them to come and enjoy the coolness of the water. I showered as many as wanted, probably about a half an hour, before they all seemed satisfied and flew away. It was so much fun.

Geesh, I'm almost embarrassed to bring these pysanka up! They have been in the fridge since Lent (like March!) and I have yet to get the egg out and melt the wax off. Now, they're sitting on the counter waiting for me to do this. I am still going to give one away. Stay tuned for that miraculous day, hopefully before NEXT Easter!

Taaaaaa-bul. The kitchen table is also full of papers that have been sitting there since I arrived home last week. Yep, lazy as lazy can be. Growing up, we would visit my mom's sister, Aunt Nita, in Georgia. We'd do the normal stuff like go out and eat and shop and stuff. If Aunt Nita saw something that was kind of funny, she would say it in a long, slow, drawn-out voice. If there was a comical hat a lady was wearing, she'd say (under her breath) "Haaaaa-at." Mom and I would just giggle. When I would visit mom after moving to TN and would arrive at the old house, I'd walk in and see her kitchen table just chock full of stuff. She'd immediately say "taaaaaay-bul." hehe. We would just laugh. The kid picked it up, unknowingly. As we were out one day, this lady had these HUGE, like 1980s, glasses on. He looked at me and whispered "glaaaaa-ses." hehe. We are bad. But all in good fun.

The only thing exciting that has happened around here since the cuz left was a truck tearing my mailbox off its post. It sits, sadly, on the grass. I am thankful that the mailman continues to use it. I'm sure he has to get out of his truck to fill it. I would get a picture of it (later), but I would be attacked by those darn mockingbirds if I stepped foot out front! Maybe at sun down, I'll run out there!

Wish we would get some rain down here. This heat seems like it's never going to break. I think I'm ready for fall, dare I say! You?


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I nice picture of Dave! What a pretty face!

Those eggs look amazing!



Saucy said...

We used to make pysanka when I was growing up... we didn't let the egg out at all... after a long while, it dries out in there and even if (horrors!) one breaks, it's not smelly at all.

Linda said...

We have had such a strange summer here-cool to cold one day, really hot the next-that I'm still sort of waiting for summer to arrive. I can't believe that July is almost over.



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