Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mermaids in the Sky by Riverside

This curvy mermaid was sited on our way back from lunch near Mobile. Isn't it wonderful? I love finding things in the clouds, especially appropriate ones. I've never seen a mermaid before! (Do I spy a whirly hat on her head?)

We decided to get out of the house and headed towards Mobile. We had never eaten at Oysterella's, so we gave it a try. It was good.

The kids wanted crab claws to start.

I ordered red beans and rice (good but a tad salty), the cuz decided on crab cakes and the kid got shrimp Alfredo.

We all took a couple of bites out this monstrosity. Yum.

This was the view from the docks with Mobile in the background. There were wonderful storms all around us but we never did get caught in one.

We came home and made the infamous s'mores ice cream pie to enjoy the rest of our days here.

Earlier today, I finally hung the teak hanging pegs. Yay. They've sitting out on the front porch for about a year now. They will definitely come in handy!

This big ugly thing watched. Ew.

The kid waiting for the cuz to finish her girl talk with gal pals back East.

Bella enjoying the waves as boats pass.

Now it's time for our evening Uno wars.


Pearl said...

Oh my heavens that is one big bug.

Bella is most beautiful.

Hope you are doing well my friend.


Beth said...

Looks like your having a blast at Riverside. Love all the pictures. Hope you keep having fun and maybe I will see you soon.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

You know I look at your photos at Riverside...I think to myself how wonderful to have a home away from home. How great to swim and boat and go sight seeing. to stay inside the AC and maybe do some projects. I think of sitting on the porch with a cool glass of something...chatting with you and giggling. I think how great would it be to visit this place..........AND THEN.......I see pictures of bugs and realize I'd be swatting and running and screaming and never leave the house. Now how sad is that?
So glad YOU are enjoying your time there though!!!
OH and I have a brand new blog home now!

Jeanie said...

How wonderful to visit your special place. I love the name Oysterella! Isn't it a joy to have a little time to just chill?

Annie said...

Hi Rosa. I love the new background on your blog. It totally fits in with the heat of summer.

Oysterella looks like my kind of place.

S'mores ice cream pie???? OMG!!!

That BUG. Ewww. No thanks.

Vallen said...

What are those things hanging on the railing?
See how well Bella has kept the Ew things OUTSIDE the screen? Good girl Bella, dear.



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