Monday, July 14, 2008

It's a Frenzy!

A kayak frenzy, that is. We broke down and bought some kayaks for the place today. We picked up one, the lime green one (the kid's) and he took to it like a fish out of water! Oh my. He liked it so much, he won't get out of it. So I had to turn around and go pick up the cuz's, a bright orange one.

Unfortunately, by the time I made it back, orange frenzy tied to the top of the buggy, the cuz had already given up and had jumped into the shower. Girls. Oh well, it's there for her if she gets the itch. Here she is in the kid's.

And the kid back out. My window with a view.

I'm so excited for them! Just love those kids and it's fun thinking back on like learning how to ride a bike for the first time, only this is on the water. Remember the places you could go on a bike, going down streets you had never been before, and like fast? The wind in your hair? Aw, to be a kid again.


Beth said...

Awhhh,,,now that looks like FUN!!! I grew up on the Tennessee River in Bama and I lived on the river the whole summer, boating, sking, inner tubing, canoeing,,and of course when I got older, Partying,,lol. It looks so beautiful there,,lucky Kid!!!
Keep having Fun!!!

Jeanie said...

When we were on vacation, we went on a canoe trip and there were tons of kayaks sharing the water with us. They looked like a blast (although at least with a canoe, someone else can steer -- I suspect with the kayak I'd be in the weeds or knocked out by branches more than usual!) This looks like such fun. Is IS fun to see them enjoying themselves!

Linda said...

Looks great-love the mermaid cloud too. My memory of being young was racing down a sidewalk on my bike after a rain storm. I still love that smell of hot pavement after a rain.

robin-bird said...

and you view from your window always makes me sigh. my first kayak ride was the las vegas trip when we went at night on lake mead. i did really enjoy it although it was a lot of work. thank god it wasn't hot and during the day. i do not think vegas would be the place to be in a kayak in riverside... that is another kind of heaven.
glad you are enjoying the kids!

Saucy said...

Those little kayaks are a riot. We had them at the family cottage this year and they were a hit with the kids and the adults!

Vallen said...

That looks like the most fun ever!!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

These are the things that memories are built from. The lazy days of summer at Riverside.........exploring with Mom, finding great stops to eat, playing games and kayaking in a bright green kayak. Now that's what all kids need there summer to be!!



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