Sunday, July 06, 2008

Good O' Things

I have to admit to never watching Oprah on TV. I think I may have seen part of an interview with Warren Beaty years back, but that's about it. I don't read O Magazine either. I don't know a whole lot about it. My claim to fame with Oprah is meeting her step mother while volunteering at a shelter here in town after Katrina blew through. I was in charge of administering ID badges to volunteers. When Mrs. Winfrey filled out her paperwork, I looked through it, asked for her driver's license, and then teasingly said, "Are you Oprah's sister?" At which time she replied "No, I'm her step mother." I had completely forgotten that Oprah once lived here and her father still resides in our little town. My bad. I have since learned to keep my big mouth shut here in Nashville where you never know who it is that you're rubbing elbows with. (At least I--the most un-star-struck-person here--hardly ever recognizes a soul. Well, I suppose I may just recognize Keith and Nicole if I were to belly up to the bar next to them, but that's about it. Not that Nicole would be bellying up to the bar in her condition, mind you.) I once giggled when an unbeknownst-to-me country-star-in-the-making gave her name as I was checking out at a cosmetic store in town--Julie Roberts. I was going to say something silly about sharing the name with Julia Roberts, but I had learned my lesson and kept my mouth shut, thank goodness. I later saw her album cover on a billboard in town. Tee-heee. At any rate, back to the reason I'm writing this post which has nothing to do with the "stars" that live in Nashville.

I'm finally getting around to reading the latest O at Home summer issue. Of course, my loving all things "home," it is a mag that I pick up, I believe, quarterly. As a way of trying to get organized, I will attempt to write a post on the things that I like in the magazines I read. I used to tear out the pages and organize them. That seems to have fallen by the wayside. I have folders of torn pages that I never go back to. This way, if there is something I really like, I'll have it neatly saved on my blog where I can easily access it. Blogs are wonderful things, aren't they? Always progressing to meet your wants and needs.

I Must Have!

The kid and I actually saw this in the latest Pottery Barn catalog that arrived at Riverside while we were there. Yes, I ripped the page out and have it, somewhere. Fantastic idea. I want a place to take cat naps (with Bella) when the weather is nice at Riverside. I have had my eyes on some teak sofas for the past year (ka-ching) and had other ideas of putting some sort of lounger out on the screened-in-porch (see below). But, after spending my second summer there, I am totally freaking out at the amount of bugs that can actually get through the screens and decking especially during the night. Most specifically, I'm talking about the palmetto (aka American cockroach, waterbug, etc.). EW. I know, we are on the water, but still, EW! You can hear these things walking! OMG! The thought of them scurrying about as I lay to take a nap makes my skin crawl. The kid and I discovered they don't really come out until the end of June, so there is a long "porch lounging season." Not that we're down there much during that time. But it's there. Perhaps one day. Well, when we saw this little hanging number, I thought, "Perfect!" No way for them to crawl up the legs. And, so, this is on my Riverside list--perhaps when it goes on sale this winter?

What I Really Wanted!

This is what I really wanted. But there is no way I'm sharing my nice linens with those nasty old bugs. Uh uh.

Good Foods!

Doesn't this look perfect for a summer dish? I swear, I could live off of rice. You can find the recipe here.

Great Idea!

Great idea, whoever it is that came up with it. I can even see painting the wood to match either the photos or accent the walls they hang on.

I {heart} This Decor!

I have envisioned photos taken at Riverside thumb tacked to the wall going upstairs to the master bedroom since we got the place. I had never thought of adding paper clippings and such though. I think I better paint the walls before starting with this ongoing project. I don't want to ever have to take them down once I get started. Oooof. I already had started the print tray idea last year with shells and what-nots but didn't think to glue gun them down. My little dried pineapples fall each time the door is slammed! Good idea.

So, there, O at Home magazine, Summer 2008, the best of for Rosa, boom, done.


Jeanie said...

That last photo -- the one you mention Riverside in -- that's just my style. And I think that photo/hanger thing above it is great, too! I love seeing the things other people like!

Beth said...

Mmmmm,,,you do have some great picks there Ms. Rosie. I espiecally love the swingin bed in the first pic, but yeah,,those bugs sharing the bed with me might give me the heebie jeebies!!! lol

Vallen said...

When I lived on a little island in the Caribbean a friend had a house on the eastern side with a hanging bed just like in your picture. You could sleep there rocking in the breeze and be the first to see the sun rise through the big open windows facing east. Paradise!!
I love all your clippings.



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