Monday, June 30, 2008

Lazy Weekend

The weather here has been abnormally dry. While it's never as humid (well not never, but hardly ever) as DC, we still get some of the humidity of the south. This weekend was sunny, breezy and just about perfect. On Sunday, we enjoyed the front porch, even though the floor has yet to be painted. (The "boys" are doing that as we speak.) The rest of it is brilliantly white. The hub and I took turns on the porch swing and then switched during the day to rock in one of the mistrewed rocking chairs. I wasn't about to put everything back where it belonged as I knew they would be back this morning. Yawwwwwn. Early.

While I was away, Sherrie and mom planted some pretty flowers in her yard and even a tomato plant. It's growing like gangbusters! The kid and I had bought her some hanging geraniums for Mother's Day, so the back is really looking nice. The grass is already dead, but who cares? Mom's yard still looks nice in spite of the dead grass.

I'm trying to get her to go out and sit during the day rather than sit in front of the TV all day. So, I've been going down and we've been sitting in the afternoon while the sprinkler runs. It's so relaxing. There's something about hearing a sprinkler that brings back childhood memories. The lawn mowers frazzle my brain, but the sprinkler, I love it!

When mom and I sit quietly, it's just like old times. I forget the stage she's in and we just sit and relax. She even started clapping at one point, she always loved to listen to music and always had the radio playing during the day. I miss the old mom, terribly. But she has really been in a good frame of mind since my return. I even coaxed her into putting on a short-sleeve shirt rather than her normal summer attire--several layers of turtle necks! Oooooof. We found this beautiful Tai shirt at a yard sale when she was still up and running several years ago.

I loved the look of the sun screen as it flowed in the wind. It was like a big ol' sail. So peaceful.

When I came back upstairs, Dave was enjoying the setting sun and the warm floor. Aw, summatime!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love lazy weekends! Here it pretty hot and quite humid...

Great pictures of your Mom and a very artistic one of Dave!



Vita said...

I missed my "old" mom when the strokes stole her good sense. Maybe that is why your success in showing your mom a good time and your lovely photos of her have made such a strong impression on me. I recognized you when visiting Merryville and just stopped by for a short visit.

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you are able to still enjoy good times with your mom. I remember that feeling of "missing the old mom" (in my case, dad), but it's good you can still laugh and enjoy! Dave looks great!

Peggy said...

Your mom is looking so good! Makes me miss Mother and Ms. Fran. We always sat on the porch and chatted. Mother would have the radio going in the background. Thinks for bringing back such sweet memories. Have a great 4th!

Janet said...

Sitting on porches is almost a thing of the past and I miss it. Your mom looks so happy and content in the photos, and so does Dave!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Furry heat-seeking missiles - dontya just love 'em?

Great photo of Dave.

Beth said...

I sure am loving this weather,,very unusal this time of year in the south, no humidity. I wish it would stay like this but August will be here soon.
Love the pics of your Mom.

Mrs. Staggs said...

This post truly feels like a good old summertime post. We had hot temps this weekend too. I melted!

Your mom is so lovely Rosa. Enjoy the happy and peaceful moments and hold each of them close to your heart....'course I know you do that already. Your mom is so lucky to have you.

I hope you're feeling better!

Annie said...

Rosa, you will so treasure these pictures someday. In the last year of my mom's life when she could do so little for herself, we had times when we could go out and she loved feeding the ducks, petting small animals that she came upon, just small things but so connect with life. It was beautiful and memorable. Annie

robin bird said...

i really enjoyed reading this post even with the melancholy in your voice. and that photo of your mom clapping... priceless rosa!! that photo of the 'shade sail' completely captured my imagination.....
love to you dear rosa



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