Sunday, June 08, 2008

French Ads

I was amazed to see George Clooney's face plastered all over Charles de Gaulle airport once we arrived. Actually, it was a welcomed face to greet us. I can't think of any other charming face I would rather greet me actually. George Clooney? No problem. In fact, I'm not even sure if this was the ad there. The face I remember, the product--not so much.

However, I do remember the TV commercial that I saw several times. It was a shorter version, but I like the storyline here. The commercial begins when the girl walks up and finishes when he says "Nespresso, what else?" It was nice to hear English--and George's velvet voice was no less a treat.

I told Raphi he would never do an advertisement in the states. After looking around for the ad to post, I see he is already getting flak here. Poor George.

PS There were also lots and lots of these scattered about!


Linda said...

I've only seen the middle part of the commercial here in France. I like the whole thing. We have a Nespresso machine but, my, are those little containers for expresso expensive.

Jeanie said...

George can greet me any day he wants!



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