Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Florida

(A borrowed map from the Emerald Coast tourist site.)

The kid and I felt like doing a little exploring yesterday afternoon so we took the scenic route along the Gulf and headed towards Pensacola. We've never been anywhere else except their airpport. It was fun. This is looking towards Gulf Breeze and the Escambia Bay Bridge.

We crossed the over bridge (one side of the bridge is on the Escambia Bay, the other on Pensacola Bay--if I had my bearings right.) We ended up in Gulf Breeze and sat and watched the sunset there for a bit.

This is where we were. Pensacola Beach is the little strand below Santa Rosa Sound. Nice. I'm not quite sure what the checkered flag is. Perhaps a restaurant we never found. ha.

Looking back towards Pensacola in Gulf Breeze.

Heading back into Pensacola with views of the old bridge. This bridge was badly damaged during Hurricane Ivan in '94 as shown left. (Why would a semi-truck try to cross this during a hurricane, I wonder?)

By the time the sun went down, we began looking for somewhere to eat--in unknown territory. After several misses trying the use the navigation system, we ended up finding a wonderful restaurant, The Atlas Oyster House right on Pensacola Bay. Just drove right to it. And, it truly was a pleasant surprise having no information on it. You know, it can be hit or miss when you just come upon a place and jump in! But, it was fabulous!

The kid's Caesar salad. What a twist.

We both ordered shrimp--blackened and pecan crusted with mac & cheese (who could resist), grits for me (or course) and dirty rice. It was so different for these parts. The places we normally frequent, food is served on paper plates! hehe. There was so much, I have half waiting for me to devour for lunch. Yum!

For dessert, we ordered the Tiramisu. Again, who could resists? The jolt of espresso gave me enough energy to drive the hour back to Fairhope (in the dark)!

We just love exploring. On Monday, we're heading back that direction and are going to look at the other beaches in Destin, San Destin, Watercolor, Seaside and Rosemary Beaches! You're getting into some fancy schmancy communities up there; but I have always wanted to see them.

Today, we're just chillin'.


Jeanie said...

Your excursion looks like fun -- and three cheers, finding a great restaurant on the first time!

Vallen said...

Lawd, have mercy!! That looks marvelous. We ate at two places in Pensacola - The fish Hpuse in Pensacola proper and Flounders out where you were. Both Fabulous!!! I loved the Pensacola Bay. A lot of it is a preserve and simply beautiful!!!



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