Saturday, June 28, 2008


What's everyone doing for the Fourth? We're heading back down to Riverside; but I always decorate here at home too. I have a few new items that I found in Fairhope that I will be putting out soon. I'm in search of the perfect Americana table square to use. Will keep you posted.

Gosh, yesterday afternoon when I was doing the party outfit post, I got sicker than all get out! The hub and teenager had told me they had come down with this stomach yuk while I was away; and I think that's what hit me. It started with nausea and then got really bad. I had to take a compazine, which I keep on hand to help when I get a bad case of vertigo. I don't believe I have had stomach cramps like that ev-Ver. I could almost feel the entire outline of my stomach as the cramps hit. Ouch. The comp set in and of course it knocked me out. Thank goodness. I took it easy last night and the hub and kid brought me back some wonton soup and a coke (for all that ails ya!) and I took another compazine before bed just to make sure I made it through the night. I did. Today I feel fine. I was going to meet up with Bethy but dare not give her this nasty half-day bug. Ew. She has enough on her plate right now. But it's all better today but still watching what I'm eating--ew.

Painters still here. I've been sitting with mom on and off all day so she knows that it's ok to have men all over the back yard. I can't wait for them to leave so I can go water all the flowers back there! It's actually been a gorgeous day--breezy and not humid. Yay! The house is looking good! Boy, I don't know why I put off things as long as I do. The back of the house was horrid with peeling paint and all. It's gets all the sun and weather and last summer just about did it in with the record heat. I'm so happy that it's getting done. But I will be even happier once it's finished and I don't have six million guys running around the place. I'm sure the neighbors will be happy too. With those gazillion guys come all those white trucks. Those poor guys though. I've done pickets before, and they're a bee-otch. And we have four porches of them! Ouch.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I'm still trying to catch up on reading all "my" blogs.


Peggy said...

I can just picture celebrating the 4th by the river. What fun you and family will have. William won't make it home so the goats and I will have our own little celebration going on. They hate fireworks so imagine I will be spending most of the night out calming them down. Love your new look!

Storybook Woods said...

We actually celebrate in our town on the 3rd. If we are lucky we will be on a boat out on the sound under the fireworks. Clarice

mandco said...

Poor you Rosa! No fun beeing sick! I'm glad to hear you're better!

Your national day seems so much fun to celebrate, especially down by the river :-) Have fun and enjoy!

Janet said...

HB will be coming home for the 4th so that's good. I'm sorry that you have tummy problems. That's no fun at all. Take care of yourself so you'll be up for the trip back to Riverside!

Beth said...

I sure am glad your feeling better. I was worried about you. Hope to see you before you head back south.

Jeanie said...

Bummer about feeling so lousy -- hope you are improved by now!

I'll head to the lake on July 4, and Rick will ride his bike up with a friend who'll stay a couple of days. I'm staying the week! Yee Haw!



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