Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Goodies from France

Since I have yet to transfer my photos from the laptop to my computer, I will entice you with my purchases from France. My rule of thumb is to only purchase things abroad that I cannot get here in the states. Otherwise, what's the purpose of lugging it all the way back and also having to pay the extra amount while the US dollar is so weak?

Our last day in Paris was spent walking about from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe and then down the Champ Elysees back towards our hotel. There were many shops along the way but none enticed me enough to stop. That is until we were just about back when we came upon La Boutique Maille. We all love mustards in our family; and of course, the French make some of the best. As we entered this boutique, I noticed there were taps (similar to beer taps at bars) behind the counter and there were several people standing in line to get fresh mustard poured into jars for them. Now, you don't get any fresher than that!. The three they had "on tap" this particular day were Chablis, Chardonnay and vin Blanc. We taste tested them all and ooooh, how good. They all have quite the bite! Of course I had to have one of each in a medium crock. I just love the clay crocks. I remember being able to buy their mustard in crocks when Sutton Place Gourmet was in business in DC. Oh well. Now I have the real stuff I watched being poured for me personally. They also had these little hand painted mustard pots which I had to have also. There are only two boutiques in the world, this one in Paris and one in Dijon, of course. How fun.

Our last day in Brittany, we drove to Normandie and toured Le Mont Saint Michel--a beautiful monastery built on an island of granite. Breathtaking, to say the least which I will tell you more about when I get all my pictures sorted. Anyhoo, they had a little gift shop and I found these sweet little foie gras pots from the famed local restaurant there, La Mere Poulard.


These pretty scented "rocks" are by Estabon. (The customs man didn't quite know what to think about "scented rocks" on my declaration form. I had to explain that little item! But I was afraid to put "pot pourri" as that is normally more natural items that I thought would cause a red flag and cause my luggage to be searched. Ugh.)

Now that I look at my choice of bowls, I may have to switch these two. Regardless, they both smell divine.

The hub in en route to Paris as we speak. The kid is sleeping in Rennes as we speak. And me? I'm about ready to sleep in Nashville.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get my act together and transfer my photos. I have so many to sort through I feel a bit overwhelmed. I know that's just the jet lag. I am feeling better in that department though. Always much easier heading West than East.


Jeanie said...

The good thing about having zillions of photos is that you'll have posts for a very long time!

I adore mustard, too, and that sounds delish, but I especially love the unique crocks and mustard pots. I've never really seen or thought about mustard pots before. And those little pots with their lids are really enchanting!

Scented rocks, huh. That WOULD take a bit of explaining! Wonderful!

Vallen said...

Did you hand carry those lovely mustard crocks? Oh, what a treasure! You are a terrific traveller - know just what to pick up.

Saucy said...

I agree... I always bring home only what can't be got around here and that makes it all the more special and unique! You did find some sweet goodies!

ChrisJ said...

I really love the wall papers on your blog! Sounds like you really had a great time in Paris!

Saucy said...


I would surely be honored if you added my blog to your faves list! I have loved visiting your blog for some time now! I found you via Mrs. Staggs!


robin bird said...

i am really excited to see the monastery! i can hardly imagine what it is like to be such a traveling family. no that's not right, i definitely can't! i would be overwhelmed too i'm sure with the photos. and your mom probably missed you too... and all the garden things that need tending and then...just getting acclimated would take time! we will all be here and ready to see what you have when you post. i'm glad your home :)

Martha said...

Nice little pots! My mother has a collection, and once in a while she gives me one! Souvenirs are so much fun. :o)

Antiques Diva said...

Did you go to the Boutique Maille at 6 Place de la Madeleine? If so, then right next door to this little mustard shop, happens to be one of the best cafes in Europe. I love nothing more than having lunch there (I forget the name of the place and only know it by location). You rub shoulders with locals on long leisurely lunch breaks, you find surly waiters and the best food in the area. If you order something touristier like the onion soup - you pay through the nose - 9E. However, if you get the Entrecote Frites (an enormous steak with fries) it is also 9 Euros and it is served, bien sur, with a healthy dose of Maille Moutarde on the side! Their wine list is excellent and a trip to Paris is not complete without stocking up my cupboards at Maille (I like the "gros" grain) and then a perfect Parisian lunch next door.

The Antiques Diva



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