Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

We are in residence. The ride down was fast and pretty easy. As easy as six hours can go.

We quickly hung the flags, made the beds and hit Big Daddy's for an early dinner. A friend was kind enough to come over this morning and turn the air condition on for us. He said the upstairs bedroom was a toasty 96ºƒ! I can't tell you how much that helps having the place cooled down for our arrival. That's always half the battle, getting the place cooled off before bedtime!

We took a walk about the place. All the work that was supposed to be done (from March) has hardly been touched!

The docks are somewhat replaced, the boat house's boat lift has been removed (but not replaced) and that's about it. There's still erosion to fill, steps to finish, power washing (eeek, look at that roof on the boathouse!) and Lord knows what else was on the hub's list to do around the place. Same ol' same ol'. When the cat's away . . .

Oh well, anyway, I found some lovely hydrangea in beautiful colors that I quickly cut and brought in. Love them.

I've always loved the blue and greens, but these purples and pinks are just as pretty, I think.

Bella is also enjoying the views. OMG, we almost forgot her! That would have been horrible. Not so much for her, mind you, but for us. We adore having her with us when we come down. It makes the house a home. Anyway, I was trying to get out of the house before mom came up again. I swear, the woman has a sixth sense when I'm leaving! I don't tell her any more because it makes her nervous. She came up no less than 6 times this morning! She hardly ever comes upstairs before noon on any other day. I told her that Sherrie was coming over and was going to wash her hair and they were going to work in the yard. She got so excited about that. She adores Sherrie. So, I called Sherrie to tell her how excited she was. I was getting ready to say goodbye to her and race to the getaway car when Sherrie asked "Are you taking Bella?" Lordy. I had just fed the cats and shut them up in the laundry room (Dave is bulimic--lovely--so I lock them up for say 45 minutes until they finish they're nasty habits). Thank goodness for Sherrie's reminder or we would have definitely left Miss Bella locked up with the nasty cats. hehe.

The kid is running around trying to get the frogs taped. I love to hear them at night. The marsh has grown tremendously since last summer. You can barely even see the water. I can't even imagine what all lives in there now. Ew. We always freak each other out with all the critters around here! Silly city folk we are.

Ok, it's official. Let the summer begin!


robin bird said...

i don't like myself when i am an envious person but i must tell you this looks so wonderful to me. i would love to feel free of work and go to a cabin each summer. i know you have lots of concerns and responsibilities so it isn't as nirvana-ish as i am imagining :) but gosh it looks fun! i am happy for you though rosa even if i am a bit envious :)

Saucy said...

I love the looks of hydrangea, I've only ever seen them in flower shops here. I can only imagine. Do they have a smell?

Linda said...

Have a great time. It looks so lovely there by the water. Do you get mosquitoes?

Beth said...

It just looks wonderful there. Glad you made it ok. Hope your having as pretty of weather as we are here, not bad for summertime.
Glad that Bella didn't get left with the bad cats,,lol.
miss Ya!

Vallen said...

with all that critter catching Bella's got to do it's a good thing she made the trip. It looks so tranquil. Have a lovely time!

Jeanie said...

Relax and enjoy -- you sure do need the quiet peace of Riverside after your hectic few weeks. I know what you mean about Miss Bella making the house a home -- that's why I take the Happy Hurler (aka Gypsy Rose) with me to the lake. Once he's there, he adores it and I adore having him there! Glad you remembered her -- thank you, Sherrie!

GreenishLady said...

Relax! Enjoy! It looks absolutely wonderful. Is that your banner? The dragonflies? I love that!

PEA said...

Hmmmm...are you at Riverside again without me????? hehe I can really see why you love it so much there, what a beautiful and peaceful place to be!! What a shame the work wasn't done that was supposed to get done...just can't get good workers anymore it seems. Oh dear, poor Bella, I'm sure she's happy too that you didn't forget her after all! lol Enjoy your time there and RELAX!!!! The Hydrangea are so beautiful as well. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I can imagine myself on the back porch, rocking, drinking a cosmo (pictionary anyone?)
........chillin'. Thinking of you ~ XXOO ~ Aim



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