Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Mom's" Room

Even though mom probably will never come back down to Riverside, I still consider this her room. The kid and I found these lovely paintings that fit perfectly above the beds. I love them.

I ordered some bamboo blinds for the French doors in the front of the house, some white blinds for the sidelights by the back door (way too much sun in the afternoon) and am in the midst of figuring out what kind of drapes to put in the master bedroom. All the blinds will be ready by the time we return. After that, a couple of rugs for the master and a couple spots painted, and she will be finished.

Take a look at "my" corner nook. It has the best view in the house, guaranteed. Well, at least, I think so.

We are all ready to go. House cleaned and tidied; I even caulked the sink where the pesky ants were coming in. Little buggers. Sigh. It will be hard leaving in the morning. But, at least all the heavy work is done. Even the car is half loaded. Good stuff.


Vallen said...

I would be lost in a reverie every time I sat down to look out at the river.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Such a beautiful room! Very peaceful and cozy...



Saucy said...

It is always hard to leave a place of good memories, peace and tranquility. But not the ants. Make sure they don't hitch a ride!

I posted a link list for the virtual wedding party! Hope you can join the fun!

Beth said...

I Love your corner. I would sit there all day making art and dreaming. So awesome!

robin bird said...

oh my gosh rosa your sweet corner of the world is lovely, so pretty and happy looking! i haven't read the post before this so i don't know if you are leaving temporarily (i assume so) or leaving for the rest of the season. i felt a pang in my heart when you said your mom will probably not be back to visit again. hugs to you rosa.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I do believe that you could be one of those people featured in fancy home decorating magazines....better yet, you could design the photographs for them! You have a real gift for creating lovely and inviting spaces. I love your corner. It looks like a wonderful place to spend creative time, and your mom's room is lovely and so peaceful.




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