Monday, June 16, 2008

Riverside Bound

The kid and I (and Bella) are heading south in the morning to open Riverside for the season. Yay! I cannot wait to get there. I truly wish I could just snap my fingers and be there--the house already opened, cooled and cleaned for us!

Wishful thinking.


Peggy said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip! Thank you so much for the lovely postcard. What a nice surprise. I have it sitting by the computer so I can look at it and dream of one day traveling to Paris and visiting my 2 exchange students there. What a sweet friend you are to think of me.

Beth said...

Have a safe trip dear friend. My hub just came back from there yesterday,,pretty close to there anyways. We might go back again in a few weeks and go to the coast for a night or two. Post plenty of pics. And have fun!

Jeanie said...

Hooray! Have a glorious time! That's what we did this week -- head north and opened the house with the Gypster. I hope Bella travels better than Mr. Gyps -- but once he's there, he's filled with kitty joy at all the sights, sounds and smells (and I am, too!)

Have a glorious time!

Vallen said...

Hey, while you're snapping fingers, snap some and get me out there with you. If only...

robin bird said...

i love the name Riverside". is that the town or is that your cabin? and i see bella really was meant to go... i am making my comments backwards... i first commented on tuesdays and now i am on monday... sigh.. i am all backwards today. not good.



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