Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Supper

A very early Sunday supper, mind you. Since mom and I are the only ones in the house, I took it upon myself to make us a Southern Sunday supper. I had been perusing blogs this morning, trying to catch up with everyone, and found two scrumptious corn recipes. That got the ball rolling. I had a craving for some good summer corn. Frozen would have to do this time of year.

Off to the grocers I went and found some wonderfully fresh-looking frozen corn and even a bag of frozen field peas with green beans included as a bonus. Of course, I snatched them up!

I had a package of bacon that needed to be cooked so it was absolutely perfect timing. I added chicken broth to the cooked bacon.

As I rummaged through my pantry, I came up with some soup bases that I had ordered from Penzeys in the fall. I had completely forgot about these wonderful little jars filled with goodies. I added about a teaspoon of the vegetable mix.

Then water and the peas. A little chopped onion. Cooked them for about 45 minutes. Voila. Simply perfect.

And a snack of hummus, pita and apple juice helped during the cooking!

Then came the corn. I wanted to try Shelley's recipe but didn't feel like going back to the store for cream cheese (thought I had enough but didn't). Vallen's corn recipe sounded as tasty and a little bit different from my Southern supper, so I had to try it. Her recipe is here.

Threw on a little ham slice, half a croissant and sliced some watermelon for desert. Boom, done, Sunday supper (at 3 p.m.).

Mom seemed to truly enjoy it, all the way to the watermelon.

I loved this picture with the cats scrapping in the background and mom finishing up her watermelon. (Yes, she has on turtlenecks--three to be exact--in this 90ºƒ + heat!) Ooooooof.


Vallen said...

I love this picture. The kitties look as though they are waiting, very politely, for your mom to finish so they can have some, too. Your mom is looking good.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yum, delicious! Your Mom seems to have enjoyed that supper...

The last picture is hilarious with the hungry (?) kitties in the background!



bandelle said...

Oh yum. Glad your recipes turned out so well. I was adventurous last night and tried a french garlic soup recipe -- absolute disaster!


Jeanie said...

Sunday supper looks fabulous -- I bet your mom is terribly glad to have you home.

John Ivey said...

Mom looks good. I'm going to have to print out the one close-up of her.

Your Paris photos are magnifique! And the fact that JFK's eternal flame was modeled after the one in Paris is very interesting. I'll have the file that one away in my all but nonexistent memory for future use.



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