Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Transition Day

The kid and I were supposed to head home today. We couldn't find it in our hearts to do so. We have delayed our departure from Riverside by a day. Today, I'm going to straighten up the place and do the normal "leaving Riverside" chores--vacuuming, dusting, making sure there are no food products left out (already lost a good piece of chocolate to a bunch of tiny ants!). That way when we return, it's in good shape to enjoy. I may even leave the beds made this time. Always such a pain when you're tired from a long drive. But, I'm always leery in fear of finding a critter sleeping there when I get back. Eww. Shivers down me spine. So, here I am, able to blog today.

It has become overcast, so it's the perfect weather for just puttering around the place. I took the above picture a little while ago. I love when the river is in still mode, before switching current, and it's just like a mirror. It's so peaceful. Here, the river is just beginning it's movement.

On Monday, we decided to do a little exploring of the area. I had always seen pictures of Rosemary Beach and was just dying to go and take a look at a beach named after moi (ha). I have to do a little post-fact corrections. THIS is the Escambia Bay Bridge that was damaged in Ivan. I'm still learning my way around here. The other bridge (in which I misspoke) is the Mid-Bay Bridge (I think!). Oy. Sorry to any locals who saw my mistake!

We were very happy to get off I-10 and hit the back roads to see some beach! This is the entrance to Seaside or Rosemary or one of those beaches. Bermudaesque, no? Yes!

Check out this modern little abode on the Gulf. Yowza.

Watercolor, Seagrove, Seacrest and Rosemary Beaches are all planned communities. (We're only talking a couple mile stretch here along the Gulf of Mexico.) A little too planned for my liking, but beautiful for those who like that sort of thing. I prefer a little less-planned life, myself. But, they are gorgeous and along with that comes pricey. Ooooof!

We finally made it to Rosemary Beach. It still has a long way to go, lots of construction. It was hotter than Hades but we parked the car and walked through the town "center" and made our way to the beach. This reminded us a little of Europe. Have you ever seen a 12 mph sign? Wonder why not 10? A little quirky for such a "planned" community!

One of the alleys heading to the beach. Very pretty.

Loved this door heading into the courtyard of some one's multi-million dollar pad.

Pretty. Again, Bermuda like.

When the kid and I went to the beach last week, there was only a yellow flag. We began seeing jellyfish and we left.

Thus comes the yellow flag with a purple one too. Yuk.

I admit, this is a beautiful beach. But truly not any more beautiful than where we go down in Perdido Key.

And I love having umbrellas when needed. But, these are charge-per-day (or week). I think if I paid millions of dollars for a bungalow in such a tightly planned community, I would want those umbrellas and lounges thrown in, don't you? Geesh.

Looking back towards the town.

We walked around a little and then decided to find a place for lunch. Jumped back in the car (and that a/c sure did feel good, phew!) and headed back towards Seaside. We should have stopped here but we kept on going.

Adorable. I much preferred Seaside over Rosemary any day. It's just more open and much more to do--and still very pretty. Even more so. Rosemary just didn't do anything for me.

Some beautiful places in Seaside.

As we passed Destin, we had to stop and watch the sunset. The sand here on the Gulf is just amazing. It's squeaky. It's delightful. PS Don't go to Destin unless you're a party animal. Yep, that kind of area!

I love watching the little clams wash up and quickly disappear into the sand as they hide. They are actually hard to capture on film! Poor kid just ran himself ragged trying to capture the hundreds each time they washed up--to no avail. They'd be dug in before he snapped the lens!

A beautiful dune.

Then a wonderful dinner (actually last night) at Felix's. Word up. Call ahead for dinner reservations during the week! Oooof. We had an hour's wait. But no prob, we sat in the pub and had turtle soup. It passed quickly.

I ordered the New Orleans BBQ shrimp. I think they were actual Royal Reds, they were huge! And good.

It's been a wonderful trip.


Jeanie said...

How wonderful to be on a vacation with you! You have a beach named after you! Hooray! Isn't that extra day night? I just hate leaving the cottage. Glad you could make another day!

Linda said...

Gosh that looks beautiful. I just love a beach.

Beth said...

OH,,I so miss the gulf,,been way to long since I was down there,,5 years ago. But actually Panama city is the party town, Destin isn't near as wild as PC. Looks like you and the kid have been having a wonderful time together!!!
See you soon I hope!!!

alittlebitofscrap said...

I miss the Gulf too (from Biloxi, MS living in Anchorage, AK) and I agree Perdido Key is a very lovely place! Have you ever seen the turtles hatch and go out to sea?

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful place!! Thank you for bringing us with you on your journeys! :-) The sand looks out of this world!!

robin-bird said...

another great tour from guide girl rosa :) i am with you girl. a bit too cookie cutter for me albeit solid gold cutters :)



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