Thursday, February 28, 2008

St. Bea

Patron Saint of Riverside

I did another bad, bad thing and purchased this lovely bust of St. Beatrice at an online auction in DC. She is from an old restaurant in Arlington, Virgina, Tom Sarris' Orleans House. I admit to only have eaten there twice in my life--once with an old boyfriend on a special date and once with a girlfriend from school. My parents once met Willard Scott there (now of The Today Show's weather fame, but a local channel 4 weatherman way back in the day). My father, being the photographer he was, had to have a picture of Willard and mom by the big paddle boat salad bar. My brother had his first date there with my friend Amy. I worked right across the street from the restaurant when I worked at USA TODAY and enjoyed the architecture of the old place each time I walked by it. So, you see, I do have fond memories of the place and felt a little nostalgic about having a piece of it when I heard they were closing the doors and auctioning off the contents.

My poor brother Jim had to go pick up my "winnings." I haven't heard from him since the day of pick up and have been kind of afraid to call him. hehe. He didn't seem in a good mood when he was at the restaurant trying to find Bea (who had mysteriously disappeared!). Well, apparently, everything went ok and he just got St. Bea back to the photo studio. I only know this because this morning my cousin James (who helps manage the shop) sent me an email entitled "What the hell?" He enclosed a picture of her head inquiring what in the world it was. (I was relieved to finally see her lovely face, I must say.) After I explained the entire thing and told him St. Bea would be celebrating the rest of her days at Riverside, I think he kind of understood. In fact, he may have grown fond of the lovely carving. I better keep a look out for her or else she may just disappear once again!

Now, we just have to get her down here. I can see her now, enjoying the wind in her veil and enjoying the views from the back seat (perhaps even the front?) of my brother's car as he promises to drive down this summer! Yay! I can't wait to get her to the house and decorate her with beautiful mardi gras beads and pretty hats and such.

I think she will enjoy the fresh air, the jumping fish and a little new attire every once in a while.


Tammy said...

Yup...she looks like a party gal to me *wink*

Beth said...

OMG!!! She is a beauty!!!! I know she is worth every penny you paid for her. I can just imagine what she will look like at Riverside. I was imagining her with the flowers and hats and also a beautiful birdy perched on her shoulder. I can't wait to see you saturday. We gonna have fun girlfriend!!!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! OMG Rosa I can see her at Riverside...I can see her uplit too so she is illuminated. How nice of your brother to pick her up for you. Sometimes we see things that set our pulse to racing and that's when you know it's a "I have to have this" moment. Others just don't get that. I get it!

robinbird said...

she is beautiful! i can't imagine why your brother didn't fall in love with her the moment he saw her! she will love the ride..such a novel experience for one who has probably not travelled by car prior to this... is she for the garden? i would love to have her here in Avalon... she could rest amid the ferns and moss and listed to the trickle of the pond water... oh...i guess you bought her not me :( i love her!

Jeanie said...

She is unbelievably beautiful. I love sculpture like this, just love it. (Reminds me of some of Jane Rosemont's photography -- next time you're cruising the Gypsy, her link is on the right -- check out the Tuscany photos). This is so very meaningful, too, on any number of levels. Oh, my. I'm so happy you got her!

Artsy Etc. said...

How lovely! I don't blame you a bit. She's a wonderful piece of folk art!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet her.....again. This summer??? ~ Aim



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