Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day

We had ice last night and so the schools were closed today. Yay! And, when we started stirring, it was actually snowing! I swear, I'm just like a little kid. When the kids get off school, I too get off from whatever it is I do. When I wake up to snow, it carries me back to my childhood. I still get those little butterflies fluttering about my tummy and I'm all giddy.

I woke the kid up early (well, day-off early) and we went to have breakfast at Noshville. It was good but I sure was surprised when I got the bill. Ouch. It was a very expensive breakfast. Don't think we'll be going back there any time soon. Yowza. Yea, check your cares at the door and leave your wallet on the counter. I suppose you expect to pay a little more at lunch time, but breakfast shouldn't break the bank. Bread and eggs? I don't think so.

After finishing our Ritzy breakfast, we decided to go up into the hills behind our house. It was soooooo pretty. It was freezing cold, and us little Southerners were out there with just our sweaters. Silly us. But we enjoyed all the beautiful winter sights and the quietness.

If you look closely at the last mossy picture, you can see fossils! It's hard to believe that all of this was under water at one point.

We found another stone that was just chock full of them. How exciting is that? Of course, we brought this one home.

After our little diversion, we headed to the grocers to get some makings for lasagna. Duh. Then, just now, I remembered the hub isn't even going to be home tonight. Guess we'll save it for tomorrow, Valentine's. Perfectly red. Yum. I still have two quarts of our home-made sauce. Stop! I'm hungry!!

Ok, what's wrong with this picture?

I think Miss Bella is as excited as we are to have a snow day! She has been wound up all morning. She cracks me up. Look at those dirty eyes and nose. Ew. Girl, we're gonna have to sit down and have a little talk, you and me.

And then, there's monsta' Dave! What a face. If you'll notice, he's sleeping on my new teetsie!


Kristina Law said...

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Mrs. Staggs said...

Those icicle photos are really nice Rosa. It was sunny here today, but I'm still wishing for at least one good snow day before spring. We're running out of time!

Your cats look pretty funny today. I lvoe the look that Dave is giving you!

Tammy said...

We Red Hats had lunch at a "Ritsy" place cup of coffee was $2!!! I could not believe it...and it tasted old on top of that but then it was probably some artsy fartsy blend.....
I love those rock ledges around Nashville!
Ya'll stay warm and safe now, ya hear? *smile*

robinbird said...

the photo opportunities were worth that expensive breakfast! what if you hadn't had enough fuel to get yourself up those hills and without a coat!?!?? i LOVE the first one of the red berries drenched in ice. beautiful!

Amy said...

Gosh your photos are lovely, I wish we got icicles and snow here where we live in New Zealand but we're in a part of the country that doesn't get gold enough. I came here through Mrs Stagg's blog, hope you don't mind me saying hi :-)

Vallen said...

Damn it's cold there ROSY GIRL!! Get nder that teetsie and stay warm.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, I would also have felt like a little kid with that great weather! I love the ice pictures...

Bella looks so sweet and Dave looks exactly like my Maruschka (both are "monsters")!



Linda said...

I'm in the States right now and I am amazed at the cost of groceries. Prices have sure gone up. Maybe the prices at restaurants have too.

Beth said...

Oh wow!!!! I LOVE the pictures, wish I could have enjoyed the snow day instead of being at work,,the only dang county in the middle Tennessee area that stayed open, go figure!!!
Love Ya Rosie!!!!

Jeanie said...

Love, love, love (since it's Valentine's Day, you get triple!) all the pix -- especially the wonderful red berries. You get big icicles down there!

Hoping Miss Bella is OK...

Hugs and roses!



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