Friday, February 22, 2008

Where's the Flood?

Gosh, 'memba when highwaters were like so taboo? (Not that I ever wore them, hehe.) And now, they're kinda in style? What's up with that? I didn't mind so much today because my socks were so cute. I just put them out there for the entire world to see and felt quite proud. Kinda like waving my freak flag. That's been my favorite phrase these past couple of weeks--freak flag. I must have heard someone say it or just felt I needed to fly mine, whatever. I just giggle when I say it to myself--freak flag, freak flag, freak flag. giggle. See?

We had mist falling all day, kinda yuky, kinda lovely. The new growth poking its head up out of the soil had wonderful drops of water to drink up. It was the perfect day for them; and I swear, in between all the birds chirping "Spring? Spring? Spring?," I could almost hear the little voices of dafodils emerging from the dirt. Oh, I cannot wait, now that I can just see a touch of that perfect yellow showing through the mask of green. Ooooh. Soon we will be seeing that beautiful spring green budding out of all the trees. On a mild, damp day such as today, it truly brings out a touch of spring fever. I know, I know, we still have a little bit of winter left; but I think it's okay to let the fever rise just a tad, don't you? I think we'll be ok.

I'm just a little worried about these small fellows. Not quite sure if they are faery tulips or mutant iris (which I have never planted). I have to admit, I failed to feed my bulbs this past fall; and perhaps that is why they look oh so pityful. I failed to do a lot of things this past fall. And I am still struggling to come out of my kitchen slump. Who could of imagined? Not me, fo sho, or I would have never gone that route.

Ok, before I go there, I'm gonna just fly my freak flag (and giggle) and be proud.


KaiBlueCreations said...

Posted today Ms Rosa!!
:)should be there on Monday..PEace, Kai xx

Janet said...

You make me laugh! I'm always flyin' my freak flag!!

I'm too short to wear those "high water" pants. They make me look like I don't have any legs!! Love those socks you're showing!!

Jeanie said...

Love your freaky self! How nice to see spring!

You'll appreciate this -- when I went plowing through the snow to take pictures this morning, I rolled up my cord legs (and I wasn't wearing matching socks!) so they wouldn't get snowy. Fine, no problem. But then I go out to Michael's and all, and guess who forgot to unroll the pants (which were certainly above the ankles!) Oh well, style maven I'm not!

M&Co said...

Oh lucky you seems like you are about a month before us gardening wise!! I cannot wait!! Hihi Is highwater in fashion again? Good for me...I can never find long enough jeans :-)

Beth said...

Oh darn,,that reminds me,,I am going to post some pics of my freak flags you made me,,I took Moms to the rehab and put them in the pot of freesias I bought her for her birthday,,I freaking Love them Freak Flags,,,:-)



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