Friday, February 29, 2008

Life is Good

Today was my appointment for my mamogram and sonogram. Phew. Thank God everything looked ok. I'm not a worrier and I admit I didn't worry much about today. But, in the back of my little noggin, I had a few moments of "what if." Thank goodness I didn't have to go any further. Life is truly good.

The kid and I did indeed start making our little peace cranes last night. The first two attempts were a mess, but then we finally got it, by jove! I continued and made an entire extended family. I'm meeting up with Beth and Lotti tomorrow and I'm going to teach them how to do it. It's pretty simple, actually.

The kid has a retreat tonight for his confirmation, another big thing coming in this spring. I now have to go out and find a cheapo sleeping bag. He doesn't want to use his brother's (I don't blame him) and we left his up in NY at his grandparents' house. It took me forever to remember where it was. What a pain it was checking it with the luggage, so I just left it up there for our visits.

I took this on the way home from the doctor's office in Nashville. I just love old brick buildings. This one has certainly seen better days, I'm afraid. I hope this side of town is on its way back. Nashville is at a crossroads right now. I look forward to the progression of bringing such a wonderful city back to the way it should be--vibrant and full of life.


Beth said...

Wowza!!! You sure did learn how to make them ther cranes didn't ya? I can't wait to see ya tomorrow. My spirits are a little low tonight as they put Mom back on some heavy duty pain meds today. But I think tomorrow will be the best medicine for her. Did I say I can't wait,,lol,,yup,,I did.
Big Hug for you,,but a bigger one in person tomorrow.

Angela said...

What in a world is a confirmation? It sounds unhealthy O.o

Those cranes are looking AWESOME! I need to find me some paper like that.

Artsy Etc. said...

I'm so glad you're health is good! yay!! Love the cranes. I tried folding those a long time ago and wasn't so good at it. Reminds me...I have an origami book somewhere...hmm.

PS...the sandhill cranes migrate here...soon I'll hear their "barking" in the sky.

Jeanie said...

Three cheers on your wonderful cranes! I fail miserably with those -- you seem to have mastered the knack!

Glad your smushing seemed to go well -- always am so relieved when that is over!

robinbird said...

oh gosh i need to get my own mmm scheduled soon. i am a bit late. you are setting a good example rosa :) and i am glad all is well.

i forget but did you make friends with beth and lottie on the internet? it seems that is what i remember but for heavens sake i could be mixing myself up with ...well who knows where i get some of my memories. i hope some of the wilder ones come from my previous life so that i mat be reassured i have another in my future.. another life i mean. i was just over at your friend jeannie's blog and saw her auntie turned 95! now that is something to aim for!

now those are peace cranes.. are you making them as a way to pray for peace? that t is a beautiful name for them and i love the one up top with the green and white print.

Vallen said...

It always seems like a party going on over there. you guys have so much fun!!!

M&Co said...

Beautiful cranes! I've always tried to leran how to make them...but I make one, and then I forget how by the time I'm ready for the second ;-) I'm glad everything is good with you!



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