Monday, February 25, 2008

A Day in the Life

The kid took this today while I was going through all of my newspapers and catalogs trying to thin them out. I kinda liked the funky composition. I'm always telling him not to take pictures of my fat face. I guess this was his answer to that!

We had beans and franks for dinner and then I made some cookies from a box mix. Jeanie (I think, it was Jeanie) had posted about these wonderful cookie mixes through King Arthur Flour and Jacques Torres. Of course I ordered some. Tonight, I made his French Kisses. I've never used boxed cookie mix (I can normally bake cookies) and they are pretty good. Basically, it's "our" chocolate tollhouse cookies with big ol' (and I mean BIG ol') chocolate chips. A bit heavy on the chocolate--I always use a little less chips than called for anyway. But, the guys liked them, so all is gud. And, I think I finally figured out which setting to use for my larger-of-the-two AGA ovens! Geesh, no burning this time! I used straight out convection. Thinking convection would dry out baked goods, I always used the other settings. Now I know! YAY! And ya wanna hear a sad thing? The hub figured it out for me! Now how's that for crazy?

Today, while doing a little grocery shopping, I found some lovely primrose at Kroger's (or as my mom said her friends in Georgia called it K. Roger's! lol). I bought six but three seemed to fit in the old dough bowl just fine without crowding. I put the others around the house. When spring finally arrives, I'll transplant them to the front by Bud's Pond (as the kid has lovingly named a little spot by the porch in memory of our kitty Bud).

I just love their little petals.

And the colors.

PS I did not do my 15 minutes slaying the monster in the office today. But I did, as mentioned above, clean out my stockpile of magazines and newspapers I had been hoarding in the kitchen for the past two weeks. Does that kinda count?


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Yup. It counts.
I kinda like cookie mixes from a box, as you never get as many cookies as you do when you make them from scratch, which means I am less likely to over indulge. I have actually tried the "No-Pudge" brownie mixes, and thought they were great!

Beth said...

Oh,,,those cookies look scrumtious,,,yummy,,,and I do Love thos primroses...gonna have to get me some of them too.
Might talk to you tonight,,loved chatting last night!

Tammy said...

Yikes on that blackbird on the counter behind you...doesn't that thing give you the willies??

Love the name of the cookies "French Kiss" that because you are lickin' all the chocolate off your lips??? hmmmm???

I would love to go to
K-rogers but as of my last viewing out my window...yep...tis snowin' AGAIN!!!!!

Have a great afternoon Miz Rosa!
Love YOU!!!

Vallen said...

You probably missed it because the type was so small, but down in the righthand corner of the Rules for Cleaning, it says you are allowed to miss days if you bake cookies. It's hard to see but I swear that's what it says.



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