Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This afternoon, it actually started snowing! Yay. The kid and I were so excited. We settled in for the evening and then after dinner, we went out on the porch to inspect. It was so pretty. It's a rather cold snow, rather than a wet one. And so everything looks like glitter--or faery dust, you might say. We let Abby out with us, but she made a bee-hive right back to the front door. I admit, it was a tad cold.

Kroger's grocery sure is coming in handy these days. They had these little bird houses on sale for a couple of bucks this week. I bought one last year for a lot more than that and there was always a family in it. The little birds love them. And since I keep plants (and empty hanging baskets out in the winter), whenever the weather turns warm for a day, the birds begin looking for nests. I hate when they roost in a planter (messy, to say the least) and they are open for cats to strike easily when they nest in the open baskets this time of year. I purchased several of these little houses for the front porch. I've already spied Dave looking up at them, so I am thinking a little bird has already discovered them. That's about the only thing I hate about the spring. My kitties love the season for the same reason. Hunting season, that is, for them. I have to keep them in for several months while the birds are nesting and the babies are hatching.

I made some cherry muffins to take to Lottie tomorrow while she is in rehab after her back surgery. I was going to visit today, but it was rainy and I can't drive in the rain. Yep, I'm one of those who slows way down 'cause I can't see a thing. (New glasses, perhaps?) Well, it's probably a good thing it's snowing, because OMG, once more, I can't bake! LOL. What in the world? I know, I kid a lot about my baking skills, but I have never truly been this off. Ok, now I am totally convinced it's my oven. I am normally fine with muffins. Not much to mess up there unless you over mix them. But, these came out way too done, oy!

After the first pan came out extra crusty, I had enough dough for one more muffin. I cut the temp down 25 degrees and voila! Perfect. I had both ovens tested to make sure they were correct, and I was told they were right on the money. That is even after my store bought temperature gauge said they were both off--too hot. Now, who should I believe? At this point, I'm going with my cheapo temp gauge! Wouldn't you?


Stephanie said...

Yeah, I'd believe the temp gauge, too! What reason would IT have for lying? lol

Martha said...

Yay! I love snow! And birds! Cats, too. :o)

I would suggest that you go with the "cheapo" gauge. The evidence is in that second muffin picture!

Tammy said...

I can't believe it...I'm wanting green and you're posting about snow...

Oh well, pass me a muffin please...mwfffwmfwm...good, very good...Got milk??

Vallen said...

Tell Tennessee that winter is over, time to put the cold and snow away until next year. Bah-bye winter, see ya later.

Jeanie said...

Ms. Lottie is going to LOVE those muffins! You're just terrific! And by the way, MY Kroger (or K-Roger as we call it) doesn't have those bird houses. I'll have to bug them!

Angela said...

I looove that first snowy pic. It looks so magical.

By the way, you've been tagged.

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Beth said...

Well we have have very similar Kitties,,check out my blog to see my Carl watching us in the snow from her warm inside window perch. I Love the birdy houses. I need some here really bad. I think I have a birdy building a nest in a very low bush in front of the house. Carl still won't go outside here yet, but there are other Cats who lurk around. The muffins don't look that bad. I think you will master that oven soon. And after you get your counters re-done you can have a baking-a-thon!!!
Can't wait till saturday!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

The porch looks great with the snow! How lucky you are... This year, it has not snowed once in Geneva :-(!

Your muffins look gorgeous! I can smell them from here!





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