Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just an 'ess!

When the kid was little, he would call everything an 'ess if it were messy. Well, as you can see, my office is quite the 'ess! I was sitting there the other day making my "freak flags" and happened to have my camera sitting on the desk. "Perhaps," I thought, "if I take a picture of my mess, I will then see how badly it truly needs to be cleaned--if not cleaned, at least straightened." Hmmmmm.

Of course, I took the picture and had it mixed in with some other photos I took and completely forgot all about it. Famous last words. But today, when I went upstairs to grab something out of the monster of a room, I remembered.

I'm sorry to say, the picture does nothing for me. Nor does it truly make me want to go up and slay the monster. No motivation there, unfortunately. I'm sure it will sit there until the week before our next company is to arrive at which time I will throw the entire family into a frenzy trying to clean it out.

Embarrassingly, the office has been in this state since we put hard-wood floors in our master bedroom--which is like, um, over a year ago. Blush. Yes, over a year! lol. I have stuff in there that still needs to be put back in the bedroom. Guess I haven't missed it, so perhaps I should just box it up and put it with all my other junk--in with the monster that lives in our basement.

A friend of mine, who was recovering from breast cancer, once told me her new philosophy on icky things. "Do one thing a day that you don't like to do." In other words, don't let it all pile up. At the time, she was dealing with insurance companies and hospitals and she said she would make one phone call a day to try and get it cleared up. Of course, she had to force herself to do it, as I would have had to; but in the end, it all got done. One stupid thing a day. Then boom, over with and time to move on to nicer things in life. I think of her often and this little advice. Perhaps if I do a little 15 minute clean each day up there, by May (next house guests' arrival) it could all be done and I won't be so overwhelmed with it all.

We'll see how far I get with that motivational speech.


PEA said...

Omigosh, what a "ESS!!!! hehe Don't we always seem to have one room where we pile everything in? My spare bedroom was like that and only yesterday did I finally go through the last of the stuff I had piled up in there. Maybe we should all heed your friend's advice about doing one icky thing a day! lol xoxo

Lilla Blanka said...

Hi Rose. thanks a lot for you comment in my blog! Now I´m going to have a look in yours, it looks great from what I´ve seen so far.. :)
Mia "Lilla Blanka" from Sweden

Artsy Etc. said...

How essy. LOL I honestly can say my "stuff" is stored in a craft closet and is currently nice and tidy. Notice I said "currently". Ask me later what kind of condition its in. Bet it will be different.

Artsy Etc. said... mom used to say "its a mell of a hess". LOL.

Pearl said...

I must rearrange and clean my craft room at least three times a month and it still looks like I haven't touched. I just have too much important stuff!!! lol
Your friend gave you some great advise about doing one icky job a day. It makes perfect sense...
Now if someone could just goose me off the couch...That might work too!


Beth said...

Wait,,,I think that looks like our basement,,no,,wait, uh thats at the other house that is still waiting be be cleaned up and fixed up to sell. I told myself the same thing tonight about by stamps,,they are so messy and unorganized,,going to try to spend 15 minutes a day on them,,uh huh,,I don't have anything else going on in my life right now. Mom is doing ok,,could be better, but not worse,,so thats a blessing. Hang in there and maybe that ess will disappear soon. Don't ya wish you were Samantha on Bewitch? I sure do!!!

robinbird said...

one stupid thing a day...i wrote that down.

Vallen said...

That is the only way i get icky things done, break it up into palatable pieces. I used to do it with my kids, too, "All right," I'd say, "today I just want you to pick up shoes. Tomorrow we will pick up anything that is red." And so it conitnued.

Tammy said...

Go for it...I may try that myself!!

Have a great day!!!!

Jeanie said...

Thank goodness -- I AM NOT ALONE!!!

You motivate me to sometime photograph what I call "the bad room" and at other times, "The Tomb of Eternal Garbage." Except it's not garbage to me! It's my stuff and it's my ART stuff, so it matters all the more!

You are a brave woman to share this with us and you inspire me!

M&Co said...

Hihi good luck with the task! ;-) I have a few rooms like that in my house as well...not a pretty sight ....and especially my craft room....beeing creative to me apparantly also mean creating a huge mess ;-)

Angela said...

now that's a monster of a 'ess O.o

My little corner gets pretty bad, too ;-)

I like that "one icky thing a day" thing. Sometimes I try to do as much icky at one time as I can though, so I don't have to think about the next day's icky.




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