Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Powda, Anyone?

It scares me when I get a house all set up the way I like it, exactly the way I like it. When I do, it's normally time to pack up and move. Go figure. If the hub is reading this, don't even think about it!

Since we've had this house, the powder room has had an overhaul. The paint, the trim, the lighting, you get the drift. That is, everything except the faucet which has driven me mad. The spout was too short for the large basin and you were always splashing water all over the top of it. Every time I looked at it, I hated it. But even after changing just about all of our other faucets in the bathrooms, I kept putting this one off because of the pedestal sink. I've changed a faucet on one of these before; and if you think it's difficult getting underneath a sink in a cabinet, try doing a pedestal. Oy. Never again.

With all that said, let me back up a bit. The hub inquired about this month's water bill since it was higher than all summer long (and we do water the lawns and flower beds, mind you). I kind of got an ill feeling because mom, at one point, was leaving her water running either in her kitchen or her bath. But, I hadn't heard it in quite a while. But I thought, well, it has to be her. Then one day, as I was walking past the teenager's bath, I heard water trickling. I opened the door; and low and behold, it was his toilet running. It never stopped running after you flushed it. Geesh. Wonder how long that had been going on. (Being the slob that he is, I have just left the bathroom door shut for months. I don't even want to see it. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. Ew.) Aha! That is why our water bill was so high. The entire works in the tank were all rusted and corroded; so I thought I better call a plumber to replace the entire set. I can do a piece here and there, but the entire thing, I dun' think so.

Which brings me back to my powder room. Since the plumber was already going to be here, I decided to go ahead and pay him to change out the faucet in there. Ooooooof. I sure am glad I did. He had quite a time with it too. I'd still be in there cursing to high heaven if I had attempted that feat!

I am so happy with the new set. The new nozzle comes out far enough so you're not right up on the back of the sink trying to wash your hands. And I love the design. The other was a "builder" cheapo. Ya know, it's difficult finding a brass faucet set at the local jumbo hardware stores any more. I know they're not the style right now, but I wanted classic in this bath.

Macro shot of the day--Molton Brown Bubbles.

We had a snow shower this morning which was really pretty. It didn't last long enough but the sun is shining beautifully now. It's still cold. Think it was in the 70s on Sunday. Ya know what they say about Tennessee weather. If you don't like it, wait an hour. lol


Tammy said...

I love going to hardware stores and looking at the awesome selection of faucets...I know...I'm weird...LOL!

Jeanie said...

This is lovely! My bigger bath was made over by Rick a few years ago for Christmas but I need to tackle the little one. You give me courage! Love the fixtures!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I'd give my eye teeth for Tennessee weather right about now! We have been snowed in off and on for weeks now! Schools cancelled at least 6 times, and there is no fresh fruit or lettuce in the house! AAAGGGHH
LOVE the new faucet tho!

Sandra Evertson said...

Everything looks so lovely!
Sandra Evertson

Mrs. Staggs said...

I don't think we're going to get any more snow here, but it's been nice to see the sun these last few days, too.

I'd forgotten about your beautiful bowl and pitcher. I love them.

I installed the last faucet in our house. The kitchen sink! I so don't want to go there again!

Your new faucet looks very nice!

robinbird said...

well all i have to say is.....who doesn't prefer a faucet with a long nozzel?

Artsy Etc. said...

We're supposed to get sleet. UGH. Love your stained glass window. I have a thing for stained glass. Pretty!

Pearl said...

Well your powder room is lovely. I would love to get mine redone also.
Absolutely gorgeous stain glass you have. I bet when the sun is shining you get lots of colors in your room.


Charlie McGee said...

Hi, I've been sitting here reading your blog, trying to get caught up things. You are one funny woman. I love the macro shots. so cool. Pass a happy belated birthday to your Mother.



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