Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can We Talk?

(For women's eyes only!)

If you are of the male species, I would suggest you just move along on to the next blog.

I went to my gyno today because I was having some tenderness in one of my breasts. I figured I had better get on it since I am already two months' behind in getting my annual mammogram. Um, make that three months. And there lies my dilemma. Time and the passing of.

When my NP walked in, the first thing out of her mouth was "Where have you been?" Hmmmm. I thought for a moment. I knew I had been in last year for a pap because last year was my year to get on top of this stuff. So, I wondered if it was just a general question. But, to make sure, I said "Excuse me?" She then asked the same exact question. As I began to think of, truthfully, where I had been traveling, she must have noticed the wheels turning. Then she says "You haven't been here since 2005." Wha? I immediately corrected here. "Oh, I know I was here last year." Nope. Then I started pulling those old dusty files from my brain. Well, if I didn't get one here, where did I go? It started to bother me, and I continued searching my noggin for that stupid 2007 Pap "file" (which I never could pull up, daig nabbit).

Regardless of when I was last in, she went right into my breast exam. OMG. Why do women have to be poked and prodded and kneaded like a food product? Daig. I know the woman had to do a thorough exam, but golly gee whiz! Holy mammoly, ouch. I think I'd rather have a mammogram. Which I will be having in two weeks' time. Thank God, all seemed well by her exam.

Now back to the 2005 issue. After much thought and at a loss in figuring out anything other than her date being correct, I started to worry. When has one year turned into 2+? Gawd, I'm not that old yet to be forgetting stuff and having two years pass without my knowing it! Scary stuff. And I thought I was doing so well! Pretty soon, my boys will be making all my appointments for me (and mom!) and making sure I make them. Lordy.

Ok, so 2008 will be the year to get my medical life in order. I have been thinking about changing internists for the last six months (or has it been a year or two?). I have been with her for over five years; but recently, I'm just picking up some bad vibes. Granted, she has her own practice and is trying to convert to holistic care which is A-ok in my book. She has yet to offer any alternatives for any of my ailments. In fact, I don't even think I have seen the woman in over a year. Oh yes, I've been in the office, but I'm always given the nurse practitioner each time (again, fine). But, if you see me in the office, at least pick your head up to say hi. You would think that is just good manners when you're running the show. There's never more than one other patient in there with me, so it's not that she's that busy.

The last straw came last week. When I called to make an appointment for my "annual" mammogram and told them I had some tenderness, they asked that I tell my physician to call which would get me in a lot faster. I did. I have yet to hear from her. Lord forbid I have anything serious going on. That's when I called my gyno, yesterday afternoon. She had me in at 8 a.m. this morning! This wasn't the first time my internist never called me back. And, get this, the week before last, I received a LETTER telling me my February appointment had been cancelled. Now, why couldn't they have picked up the phone and told me? Wouldn't that have enabled me to set another appointment? Ok, enough, I'm just moving on.

I took all of these photos at my gyno's office. Nothing better to do at 7:30 in the morning. All the preggers didn't even start showing up until after 8 so I had the entire place to myself for almost an hour. Perfect for a photo shoot, I say. I've always liked this set of doctors and their offices. Even if I only see them every couple of years. Grin.


Nashvlkats said...

I used to go to that OBGYN's office too (20+ years), until my usual doc retired about a year ago. And I'd much rather have a manual breast exam than the "squeeze box" any day (I swear, the last mam-gram I had, I'm sure they made another wrinkle form under my neck from stretching the skin so much in compression).
Rosa... I've loved reading your blog and looking at all your great photos. I'm not much on leaving comments, but just had to today, since I didn't make my usual trip to that particular office this year. I'm glad your brother's health improved and thought about you and him frequently during that trying time.

Jeanie said...

Hi, Rosemary -- glad you got in and are getting that done. It's the one thing I hate and the one thing I'm pretty manic about, given my family history (so far, so good, I might add!). Very nice post -- helpful for many, and I love the photos they have hanging. And I agree, can't docs/appointments and scheduling be crazy at times?

robinbird said...

i just need to keep up better with your blog! honestly so much happens in your life it's like missing a week on As the World Turns! you did good just to get yourself into you dr.! that is a bad, bad dr who didn't call back.. i think she should read your blog....

John Ivey said...

Even though I am a male, I found your post very insightful. It gave me an introspective of what women go through, which I venture to say most men never know. I salute women everywhere. Though I don't know any females at wish none that wish they were opposite sex, I do know that in many ways they bear the brunt many of the burdens of the two sexes.

Thanks for your post, and I want to thank you for being there when I needed you the most. It was seeing you while I was sick (near death sick) that I miraculously recovered. You were the anchor with which I was able pull myself out of the abyss. And also I want to thank all the prayers of those who answered Rosa's post explaining my dire condition. I'm sure everyone of you contributed to the miracle of my polling through. I wasn't supposed to make it. Though I am not religious, I can't discount the power of prayer. Thank you all again, and thank you sister.



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