Thursday, February 07, 2008


I found a whole slew of new shops that opened up in Nashville before Christmas this week. Lord, I have really been out of the loop for way too long. I will NE-VER EV-ER do another remodel as long as I live. Not one that involved, anyway. I truly feel I lost a good six months of my life. As if! Anyhoo, I don't know how I heard about it, but I found out an Anthropologie opened in our little Nashville! This is one of my favorite catalogs; and I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found there was a shop in Georgetown, (DC) a couple of years ago. But, I really wasn't too impressed with the local one here. DC had a lot more household items. Perhaps it's because the items are dispersed between all the clothing (all of which is way too small for this hefty body) and it just seems that way. Not to say that I didn't enjoy myself, of course I did! There were other shops that caught my fancy, of course. The above heart was in the Whole Foods Market window. First time in that store. DC was just getting them when we moved. Pout.

What about this little number for Valentine's Day? Hehe. Yea right. Not even in my younger days--well, perhaps then. I think I'm more up for the Louis Vuitton steamer trunk. Gawd, my brother Jim would die for this piece! Yep, this is more my speed. Just pack my things, darling, and whisk me away to places unknown. Yes, definately going for the trunk over the corset. This little paper mached dress caught my eye also. Actually, I'm not quite sure if it's paper mache at all. It was fun, just the same.

It was a nice outing. Before I could even get out of my car, there was a knock at my window. I opened the door and it was a gentleman with a video camera. Gawd. "I'm from channel 4 news and am wondering what you are doing for Valentine's Day." Gee whiz (which is exactly what I said), "Isn't that like a couple of weeks away? At least a week, now that I think of it. Still, a pretty long time!" I'm sure I looked like a deer in the headlights. Even so, he still wanted to "interview" me. "What are you planning for Valentine's Day?" "Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't given it much thought. I still have a week, don't I? I normally make something for my husband. Two years ago, I made him a scherenschnitte heart--intricate cutting involved in that one." I really didn't know if I should look at the camera or at him, so I did both. "And what do you want for Valentine's?" Hmmmmmm. "Well, I'm really not one for wanting gifts so I would just say lots of love and attention and having him at home--he travels a lot." The interviewer liked that, which is what he probably tells everyone once they're done. Of course, I never saw any of it because of the tornadoes and then yesterday, our cable was out! Just as well. He sure did have that camera up in my face! F-A-C-E! Lovely. (not)

Today, I found some pretty bulbs at the supermarket and of course had to have them. They are so cheerful. I think daffodils are one of my all-time-favorite spring flowers. I can't wait for the hyacinths to open. I love that smell. I am still enjoying the photos my little point-and-shoot Sony takes. What a difference in the close ups. Love them the most.

After yesterday's fasting, we were mighty hungry tonight. I found a beautiful beef roast and that's just what we had. It was delish.

And, before I forget, the kid found the baby in the King Cake. Check out where it was. It wasn't even baked into the cake. I think that's just not right! I made a mistake as to who found it last year. I thought it was the teenager; but he and his friend reminded me that it was indeed the friend. He tried again this year; but low and behold, it was the kid's turn. Ay-yeeeeee!


Snippety Gibbet said...

I totally didn't grow up with a "baby in the cake." Time to adopt some new traditions.

Jeanie said...

First of all, the beef roast looks to die for! Glad the Friend didn't choke on the baby!

The flowers are so beautiful. I'm really needing that breath of spring -- that always happens to me in February and this snow isn't helping. Those are lovely! And how fun to have new stores!

Maybe you'll still be a TV star, once the storm news lightens up! That's the sort of story you can hold for a few days! Fun post!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Once, I was interviewed for television too. I gave my husband the gift of a hot balloon ride,and went with him. So did a news crew. I was the only person not in the mood for having them there, so I tried to ignore them and just enjoy the experience. Wouldn't you know, most of the interview they used, was the part with me in it! Seemed everyone I knew, saw it! All my great Aunts called my grandma, wantin' to know what on earth we were thinkin' going up in a hot air balloon, when we had a little boy to think of! LOL! They thought I'd given up such things, since I didn't ride on a motorcycle anymore.
I have flowers in three places in our house today. The hyacinth that is blooming now, is scenting the whole house. It's interesting how some of them are more fragrant than others. Lovely photos!

robinbird said...

gosh rosa you're a little like a squirrel the way you just kinda store up a whole bunch of fabulous treats in your....well i have no idea where exactly you store them but then you put them all up at once for us to see. i love anthopologie! we got not one but two here in portland last year. i agree with you the clothes are fascinating to look at but not so practical when they are placed on bodies. The household stuff is to die for. whenever i go there i want to move in and take notes.



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