Friday, February 01, 2008

On Bedside Tables

Laura, of The Poet Laura-eate, did a posting on her bedside tables. Since I'm totally bored today and couldn't think of anything else to blog about, I decided to take the bait and show mine in all their winter splendor.

The main component of my bedside table is the clock radio. I hardly ever turn the radio on unless I'm doing some heavy-duty cleaning--which is hardly ever. I'm sure there are dust bunnies under the bed giggling at this amusing thought. In contrast though, Bella loves to turn the radio on by way of walking over ON it, normally at some God-awful hour of the night. I have my smelly room stuff--my lavender sheet spray, oils to burn and normally a natural lavender room spray which must have fallen behind the table. Lord only knows what's behind there.

I have my hand cream, my Burt's Bees lip balm (which I must use in order to fall asleep), my mineral night powder, some glass kisses which I picked up here and there, a little dish, broken, which I got cheap in Geneva, Switzerland, my watch and an old bible my Aunt Ollie brought back from Jerusalem for me many many moons ago. It feels good by my bedside.

The lamps are a pair of cheap (and I do mean cheap in the real sense of the word) ones I bought when the kids were small, and we were "house" poor but in real need of lamps. I purchased a set of four of these cheesy brassy things for under $50 which I immediately painted. They have lasted all these years, although I am starting to see some of the "pretty" gold show through in spots.

You'll also notice on the floor my hepa filter which runs 24/7 (probably in need of a filter change, now that I think of it). My humidifier that keeps me from turning to stone in my slumber. And, of course, there's always Bella by my side. So sweet. This is why you see no water glass there. All the cats thought it was the communal watering hole. Had to do away with that years ago. I have one of those small pitchers with the glass that covers the top. But who wants to be pouring water, bedside, in the middle of the night? Not me. Also found are various magazines, ripped pages from old ones and my trusty wrist guards which I have to wear every night. I look like a boxer when I get tucked in. Lovely

Now the hub's side, oooooooooof! It's all very guyish with papers and books and tax stuff and a sound machine, TV remote, shoes and computer parts. Lol. Maybe I should put the hepa on his side, ya think? hehe.

Ok, who else out there is willing to show us their bedside tables? C'mon.


PEA said...

Rosa! Don't reach behind that table for the room spray...maybe some GIANT dustbunnies are waiting to grab your arm and bring you down there, and we'll never know what's happened to you...and....ok, ok, I think I'm the one who has GIGANTIC dustbunnies behind my table! lol You have quite the assortment of paraphernalia (I had to check how to spell that word)on your table but it's all good stuff:-) Love your tables by the way!! xoxo

Betzie said...

I could never photograph our MB...too messy...mostly my HB's..but some of mine too.
Yours looks lovely!
I need a humidifier too...what kind do you have?

JoAnn said...

My nightstand is very uncluttered, like the rest of my life LOL. On it I have a lamp with a black metal base in the shape of a vine, a tiny clock radio, and a green dish with my Honey House lip balm and balm for feet and hands. That's it.

My husband has less on his nightstand than I do.

Nora Lee said...

I had to laugh when I got to the picture of the books next to the looks just like my side of the bed!!!! Can't ever have too many books going at one time :)


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Not on your life! I, too, have the glass of water at the bedside table problem, as at least one of our 3 cats seem to think it is their personal cup, brought to them special by mom! I take my chances tho, and figure what i don't know won't hurt me. As I usually have several books going at the same time, there is always clutter on the floor, along with my slippers, a notebook, lip balm (I'm partial to "alba", found at Walgreens, in a dreamy coconut scent), nail file, Nail Envy, Avoplex cuticle oil, hand cream, usually the old fashioned Jurgens with that familiar scent of cherry & almonds, a pen, sticky notes for my books, tissues,...need I go on? THIS is why you will likely never see a photo of my bed!

dizkneenurse said...

There is no way you are gonna see mine! LOL Goodness, DH and I as the exact opposite of you and your DH. My side is the crazy pile of books ( never too soon to start that summer reading list!) Since I work nights I don't need an alarm clock, DH is the only one who has to spring up in the am.
I hafta say, I wish I was more like that organized and put-together you. Humidifier is a FABULOUS idea. hmmm..I think I need to fetch one.

Love the photos, Rosa. I visit every day, but I am trying to make more of point of leaving comments!


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Just lurve your furry alarm clock and bed warmer all in one!

Shame it drinks your water - I'm sure they'll sort out this design flaw in due course.

Ace posting!


Rol Hirst said...

Being a bloke, I obviously feel more kinship with your hubbie's side of the bed... but I am taken with your cat!

Artsy Etc. said...

I'm so glad others actually live in their home too. I would show you my bedside tables but I can't find them right now. LOL

I see you like Burt's Bee's too!

Tammy said...

I keep lip balm on my side table too...LOL!

I've got the Burt's Bees "Honey" lip balm here at the computer...that stuff gives you sweet as honey lips, or so I've been told *wink*

robinbird said...

i had such good intentions for my bedside table. i wanted it to function primarily as a place for "my stash." "Stash?" you say..."what stash?" not the illegal kind no! i mean books to be read, magazines to be perused, journals to be started, brochures to be reviewed. i had this idea that if i could just get something with drawers... i guess it wasn't what i needed to solve the problem. I still can't put my hairband on the table due to a bit of overcrowding. i'm pretty relieved i don't have to think too much about this challenge since i'm two thousand miles from home. love the bella tuffit! zippy would look like the princess pea if she had one of those poufs for lounging around all day.

Beth said...

What a cool post! I don't have bedside table,,I have a bedside bookcase. Its a old antique one that I plan on stripping and refinishing this summer when I can be outside and the fumes won't kill me. Want to come help me? lol



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