Monday, February 04, 2008

Cotton Textiles

This is the hub's new baby, Fibermax cotton. Look for it on shelves soon. Well, not really soon. It was just introduced like last week! This new long staple cotton is scrumptious to the hand. I want all my T-shirts made out of this stuff. I especially love the Texas theme, having Texan blood running through my veins. My dad was from Texas.

Here the kid is doing a mini fashion show. Fun stuff. It's always enjoyable seeing the hub's hard work come to fruition. For many years it was hard to "show" what the hub did as he worked mainly with numbers--textile quotas, etc. Boring. You can click on the photo to get some of those stats.

Speaking of cotton, I finally got some close-up photos of the old European pillow sham I have on our bed. Mom and I had a favorite antique/thrift shop down town we use to peruse. They have since closed their doors, much to my dismay. We found this when she first moved here. I only paid a couple of bucks for it and it sure was in better shape back then. The hub insists on using it as a prop up pillow! Oh my. Every time I catch him, he just slides it from his back ever so slowly knowing what words will soon be coming out of my mouth. Thus, there are now tears in the fine cotton. Whatchya gonna do? As I was trying to take photos of it, Bella insisted on tearing it even more! Oh well. If you use it, it gets worn. I'll be darned if I'm going to put it away won't I can't enjoy it. It's one of those pieces that I truly get enjoyment out of each and every time I look at it or run my hands over it. The detail work is incredible. I had never noticed a little garden hat hidden in the intricate work. So pretty. One day soon, I must darn it and get it back to looking its best. The actual shade is a true white, like the worn photo on the right, not like most the photos. I turned the flash off as it was fading the detail out at such close range.

At any rate, enjoy the beauty of this almost lost art.

PS The quilt hanging over our bed was made by my Grandma Rosie. She used to save all her old dresses and my Aunt Ollie would send her pieces of fabrics she used in home decorating. Grandma would make crazy quilts out of all the scraps. This one is my favorite. You can tell which pieces were the silks as they are actually disintegrating before my eyes, unfortunately. I was told that the cause was the metallic salts used in treating the silks way back when.


Beth said...

That pillow sham is beautiful! And I also LOVE the quilt too. My hub would use the sham the same way too, men!!!
I hope he is feeling better and that the rest of the family are on the mend too. See ya on Monday.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

The pillow sham looks in pretty good nick to me! A lovely thing indeed.

Thoroughly approve of your husbands' environmentalism in supporting local farmers and local products.

My own favourite cotton product is 'brushed cotton' - warm in winter, cool in summer, but so hard to buy duvet covers in, although you can just about buy sheets in it here. If your hub ever wanted to export beautiful stripey brushed cotton duvet covers over here, I'd be first in line to buy them. They're all going mad for 'Egyptian cotton' over here at the moment, but I don't think it's that great personally and most have not been exposed to the joy of brushed cotton!

The other really annoying thing about England is how small the bath towels are - they call them 'bath sheets' but frankly they are more the size of hand-drying towels!

matilda said...

che meraviglia il tuo trapunto...
ciao matilda

AnnieElf said...

Hi Rosie. Such a pretty pillow. It reminds me of a huge white quilt I got years ago for a song. Lots of tears in it but I could not resist it. Told hubby that he could never toss it. someday I would fix it. Your comment about darning has given me an idea. Thank you. THANK YOU.

Pearl said...

Oh my heavens that pillow sham is a work of art. Absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely a treasure.


robinbird said...

this needlework is stunning!!

M&Co said...

Stunning embroidery!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Both of your textiles are very beautiful.

Cotton Textil said...

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