Sunday, March 02, 2008

Springy Sunday

We had absolutely gorgeous weather here this weekend in Middle Tennessee. Yesterday was in the 60s, not bad; but today was spring at its best--a perfect 70˚ƒ. Doesn't get much better than that. The kid and I, quite ready for spring, put our spinners out a couple of weeks ago. I just love the bright colors.

I did a little walkabout to spy any new buds peeking their heads up from the dirt and found a lovely bunch of croci that apparently have been out all week as some of the flowers are already spent!

Oh, and look at the grape hyacinths pushing their way through! These are some of my all-time favorite miniatures because they actually smell like grape! I love making tiny little bouquets out of these mixed with small bleeding hearts, croci and anything else small in size that I can fill a little bottle with. Just precious.

Yesterday, I went out to visit with Beth and her mom. I took the back route, which Beth told me about, and passed under Natchez Trace. I remember when we first moved here how odd this modern bridge looked out in the middle of the beautiful countryside. One day, I'm going to get on that bridge and let it take me all the way to the end. I'm sure it's a beautiful drive.
The Natchez Trace, a 440-mile-long path extending from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee, linked the Cumberland, the Tennessee and Mississippi rivers. It was used extensively by Native Americans and early European explorers as both a trade and transit route in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Today, the trail has been commemorated with the 444-mile-long Natchez Trace Parkway which follows the approximate path of the trace. The trail itself has a long and rich history, filled with brave explorers, dastardly outlaws and daring settlers. Parts of the original trail are still accessible.
I made my blueberry muffins as promised for Lottie; and will you just take a look at what a difference 25˚ makes! Okay, think I have my oven figured out, again. My only problem is that I could only get four humongous muffins out of my batter since I used a large pan. Well, it wouldn't be me in there cooking if something didn't go awry! I'll take two muffins short over burnt any day, thank you very much. I kinda wish I had made two batches, because now that I'm talking about them, I'm craving one! Oooof.

Yesterday, I met up with Beth and we headed to Dairy Queen to get Lottie a hot fudge sundae. Seems she's been wanting them since she arrived in rehab. We gladly obliged the request because you know we had a sweet tooth needing some attention also!

After everyone finished their ice creams, we stepped outside for some fresh air. It was just the perfect day; and Lottie kept saying how good it felt to get out. She had more visitors and we sat and talked for a bit until it was about time to head in. We then went through making some peace cranes (which I actually remembered how to make after only a few trial and errors in addition to a hot flash). We could tell Lottie was getting tired, so after her husband arrived, Beth and I hightailed it over to a local antique shop. It was such a fun time. We giggled like two schoolgirls walking about the place. I got more junk than I care to admit to. In fact, it still sits in the car as I am not quite ready to figure out where to put it. It's mostly kitchen stuff. And, yes, I am having more contractors coming in tomorrow to fix the mess the first contractors made. Please give me the strength to see this kitchen through to completion! I stayed up half the night last night worrying about it all, again.

I did take my life into my hands today and entered the mother of all messes to do a couple of ATCs. I had just found some more of my little angel charms and was dying to use them.

I leave you with Bad Bella. She's a tad cranky today. I think she's starting to want to go out.
Grrrrrrrrr. This is what she gets.


robinbird said...

bad bella is as cute as silly zippy!

Stephanie said...

We had some 60+ degree weather yesterday, too! Perfect for the dog to snooze in a patch of sunlight while Momma scooped poop and did general yard clean-up! No blossoms yet, but shoots are everywhere.

Jeanie said...

You may leave me with bad Bella any day of the week! (I must never meet Bella, or you may find yourself short one dear kitty-pal!)

Sounds like a grand weekend with fine finds -- and the ATCs are really cool. Love the charms -- I can never get mine to scan so well. Beth and Lottie looks great.

Love this post -- it is filled with joy!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

Hi Rosa! I have been out of town but when I returned your package was waiting for me! I am so thrilled with everything that I received. The pennents will look perfect in my studio and will inspire me. The candle smells so yummy and I love the twig holders... I have a lot of red in my home so I'm having trouble deciding where to put them! The chocolates look so yummy and my husband said they are too pretty to eat! I will be blogging about this fabulous prize package soon..thank you so much for your generousity and thoughtfulness.

Best Wishes,

Vallen said...

Congrats on the muffin success. I knew you'd lick that problem soon. The ATC's are beautiful. And really? You're going back to herding workmen? you are a brave woman.

Tammy said...

Those pinwheels cheered me right up...I believe I'll pick one up the next time I see one!!

Lottie looks great! So proud everything is going well...I'm sure the chocolate sundea speeds recovery for sure!!

Bella looks ornery!!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

How sweet you are to go visit Lottie and bring her muffins too. She really looks good! I need to get a card sent off to her. AND you made Peace cranes, you got it down now. I still haven't tried one yet.
I cannot believe there are still kitchen issues with contractors....You must have the patience of a saint because I think I may have gone ballistic by now! HA!
I wish I could pop over and go antiquing/treasure hunting with you and Beth!
poor Bella, is she fixed?



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